Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poli -Ticks ~ Romney vs. Lyme Disease


picture via mother jones

More needs to be done. As president, I will work to ensure that more attention is focused on this important issue ... We need to ensure that all scientific viewpoints concerning this illness can be heard.
~ Mitt Romney in a campaign letter, quoted by Mother Jones

Romney reaches for moms, exurbs: Will tackle ticks, Lyme epidemic
In a bid for worried moms in the outer suburbs populated with whitetail deer and other wildlife carrying tick-borne Lyme disease, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is pledging to devote his administration to fighting for a cure.
~ Washington Examiner

VA is home to some Lyme disease, but I would never have guessed that it was a presidential level issue!
~ Larry Sabato, University of Virginia professor

The Anti-Bambi Vote
Maybe the Romney campaign believes there is an anti-Bambi vote to be harvested, in conjunction with its efforts to inflame southwest Virginia voters with anger towards environmentalists over coal policies. If I somehow get bored on Election Night, maybe I’ll pay some attention to voting patterns in Prince William, Fauquier and Stafford Counties. But it sure looks like the Romney campaign is taking small-ball tactics to an unusual extreme.
~ Ed Kilgore in Washington Monthly

How many times have you said, “if only we had a president who made Lyme Disease his number one priority?”
Yeah, me neither.
~ America Blog

If elected, I will declare a War on Ticks.
~ comment by Sabrae on Huff Post

What a joke! Why not focus on snake or spider bites? What about a campaign against rabies? Does he REALLY think this tactic will really put Virginia (or any state) in his win column?
~ comment by Taiyo on Huff Post

The campaign manager is smacking himself in the head and saying, "Crap, Mitt! The ticks were the only ones we had left who were voting for us!"
~ comment by shirleyoujest on Huff Post

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