Monday, August 27, 2012

Repubs Blame Michael Steele for Everything


These guys still want to pick over bones with me about the RNC — they didn’t like my style, but to blame the hurricane on me when they voted on it unanimously is amazing to me. . . . They sound like Barack Obama. Why is he always blaming Bush? Why are they always blaming me? Deal with it. The hand-wringing and fingerpointing is childish. They really need to grow up
Michael Steele, Ex-RNC President, quoted by Washington Post

They just need to stop that s---, ok, get over it. First off, they act like I did nothing for two years and then something they don't like I did it all.
We gamed all that out. It was part of the discussion from day one. I don't know why people are acting all surprised.
~ Michael Steele quoted by Politico

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