Friday, August 17, 2012

Ohio's Jon Husted Tries to "Fix" Election Process


We try to make it easy but we can’t, you know. I say we’re not 7-11. We can’t stay open 24/7 and let anybody vote by any rule that they want to.
~ Jon Husted, Ohio Sec. of State, quoted on The Daily Show

Surely we can’t expect our constitutionally guaranteed voting rights to meet the same high standards as a combination gas station convenience store.
~ Daily Show's John Stewart

Photobucket Story:
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, facing heavy criticism over uneven voting hours that appeared to benefit Republicans, Wednesday ordered all 88 county boards of elections to stay open the same hours this fall.
. . . But while Husted’s order mandates limited extra evening voting hours, it will prevent boards from opening on weekends as many did in the 2008 presidential election, when tens of thousands of Ohio voters cast early in-person absentee ballots.
Husted, a Republican, apparently acted to quell a growing national controversy over disparities in voting hours that seemed destined to give the GOP a significant edge in November. He had been widely attacked since The Enquirer reported 10 days ago that he had cast tie-breaking votes blocking extra voting hours in major urban areas that traditionally favor Democrats even as Republican-leaning counties extended their hours.

Husted, a Republican, scoffed at the “political hysteria” and “partisan controversy” surrounding the differing schedules, saying, “It has been in law and in tradition in Ohio that local Boards of Elections have established their own voting hours.”
~ Think Progress

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (AKA) Jim Crow Husted.. they hate Obama so much GOP & Husted are trying to steal the election...
~ comment by W. A. Pickett of Akron, Ohio, on Think Progress

The Republicans are making Ohio look like a banana republic. Nice job Husted. I'll bet they have a job in Havana for you.
~ comment by John McNay, Professor of History at The University of Cincinnati,Blue Ash

I am not satisfied with the secretary of state's half-measure, and at best it is a half-measure. Apparently he doesn't know how working families operate Monday through Friday.
~ Pete Gerken, president of the Lucas County commissioners, via the Toledo Blade


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