Friday, August 10, 2012

Mitt Happens on Iowa Farm


From Opposing Views
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently toured a cornfield in Des Moines, Iowa, to see the effects of the Midwest drought.
Romney's guide was corn and soybean farmer LeMar Koethe, who wants the government to stay out of farming, except for the multimillion dollar farm bill, which includes subsidies for farmers.
Koethe told the Des Moines Register: “The people know what to do on their own. Just let them do it.”
Koethe did not say exactly how the government was preventing people from farming.
The Des Moines Register reports that Koethe owns 54 farms and EWG Farm Subsidies reports that Koethe received $133,000 in subsidies from 1995-2001.

Old Mitt-Donald Visits A Farm by Vita Brevis on Daily Kos

Farmer's full of dough.
So Mittens, in another attempt to prove his regular Joe bona-fides, decides to visit an Iowa farm. With so many farmers suffering from this year's drought ( that of course isn't caused by any global climate change) RMoney had to show that he cares. They installed a brand new empathy chip just for the occasion.
Of course, Romney being Romney couldn't visit just any old farm.
Romney Visits Iowa "Farmer" Who Is Also A Millionaire Real Estate Mogul With A Spaceship House And Personal Car Wash

Iowa Farmer's Spaceship House ~ Not Exactly American Gothic

But really, Romney? Out of the hundreds of thousands of farmers being impacted by the drought — many of them family farmers struggling to keep their heads above water — you had to meet the millionaire real estate mogul who lives in a spaceship house with an underground car wash and recreation center?
~ Think Progress

. . . to Romney, and apparently to his clueless advisers, Lemar Koethe probably rates as a typical farmer. And getting out there in his khakis between the stunted rows of corn probably convinced him he was getting the real story about just how hard some Americans have it.
~ Meteor Blades on Daily Kos

Oh come on . . . What real farmer doesn't have a jacuzzi in every room, a latte maker in each barn, and a full time horse braiding staff? /snark
~ comment by kovie on Daily Kos

Romney needs a clue-by-four upside his head
~ comment by Senor Unoball on Daily Kos

Just add his farm photo op to the myriad of other botched attempts to look normal. Just think "Hardware Store, Grocery Store, Nascar, Laundry (in Mom jeans), etc., etc. and another etc. for for future photo ops beginning tomorrow.
~ comment by pamelabrown on Daily Kos

Farm Stuff!
~ comment by Orange County Liberal on Daily Kos

Mitt Romney took what seems like a gratuitous walk through an Iowa corn field today.
~ New York Magazine

Speaking at the local Children of the Corn chapter, I presume.
~ comment by TallRobert in New York Magazine

field of schemes
~ comment by SoSoNice in New York Magazine

"Hmmm, so when plants don't receive dihydrogen monoxide they die. Just like huma...just like me...and us people."
-M Romney
~ "Editor's Choice" comment by Mingusahum in New York Magazine

He owns 54 Iowa farms at an average size of 160 acres, that is 8,640 acres * $10,000/acre= $86.4 Million dollars of farmland. The guy is pretty wealthy!!!!!!!!!!!
~ comment by Richard W. in the Des Moines Register

Romney has no references to agriculture or farming on his campaign website, has no mention of the farm bill in his 59-point plan for jobs and economic growth and is opposing the wind production tax credit. During the Iowa caucuses, he refused to take a position on the farm bill, and he said himself in Council Bluffs that he doesn’t know a lot about agriculture, specifically corn.
~ Obama Spokesperson, Erin Seidler,in the Des Moines Register




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