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Akin Breakin' in Missouri ~ Should He Stay or Should He Go?


Should he stay or should he go?

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Todd Akins and the Magical Pregnancy Shield

What he said:

From what I understand from doctors, that's really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let's assume maybe that didn't work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist.
~ Congressman Todd Akin, R-Missouri, running for Senate

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Akin must go…now. I am willing to give leeway to candidates saying dumb things once in a while, things that are a slip of the tongue, or a simple misunderstanding. This is none of those. The video of this is worse than the quote. It shows a man that is clueless beyond all measure, and shouldn’t be voted in as a local dog catcher, let along as a U.S. Senator.
It is time for the GOP and the conservatives of America to stand up and replace this man, because he is not fit to be a member of the U.S. Senate.
~ comment by Neoavatara at Red State

You argue Todd Akin should be rejected because he is ignorant of a biological fact.
I argue ignorance pervades the senate and that Akin’s alleged ignorance is irrelevant to how he will perform as a senator.
~ comment by Viet71 on Red State

The libs are having a field day with this. We need this seat. This guy’s an idiot. He has to go
~ comment by merrie7137 on Red State

His race is now solely defined by something he said that was so inherently stupid that the issues will have almost no relevance. People look to basic competency before they look to the issues. He must withdraw.
~ comment by pdawk on Red State

I understand that his comments could be considered offensive to victims of legitimate rape, or even feminists, but the majority of women in Missouri share Akin’s views on rape and abortion, and even though he now says he misspoke (clearly to avoid the PC backlash) actual women voters are not going abandon him. If this were California, or New York, getting 5% of the female vote would definitely hurt. But we are talking about Tea Party Missouri, and the women there weren’t burning bras in the 60s. They aren’t so much concerned about “equality” because they know better and they don’t fall for every media claptrap trend they see. Most importantly, like Akin, they know the difference between forcible rape and just rape, and how it’s just language designed to legalize abortion.
I wish Akin hadn’t claimed he misspoke, because this was what they call a teachable moment. The majority of women votes he loses over this will be negligible. Possibly some rape victims in Missouri, but statistically, most rapes occur in poorer, minority areas that aren’t likely to vote Republican anyway. Maybe a few hundred are enraged enough to actually vote this year, but I’ll bet thousands more women learn of Akin’s stance on abortion because of this story, which brings them to the polls, too.
~ comment by reclaimit on Red State

Akin won the primary. Replacing him in a smoke-filled backroom deal is going to throw away all the campaigning Akin has done from the primary to now, as well as the momentum he has.
I’d suggest that the “throw him overboard!” crowd need to grow some patience and see whether the polling of likely voters shows this to be a problem.
The urge to “Do Something!” oft overwhelms the need to understand, and then do the Right thing.
~ comment by acat on Red State

I’d vote for Godzilla over Claire McCaskill but what the hell this idiot was thinking I’ll never know…
~ comment by retrocon87 at Red State

Nothing inarticulate or unintelligent about relating what everybody understands makes sense, that when the body undergoes violent trauma, it affects our chemical balances, which in turn affect reproductive conditions.
This smells like a bunch of bullcrap from whiny rhinos that want the media to like them soooooo bad and the quickest way to do that is to go pro-choice, because let’s face it, all this anti-Akin talk (especially after he apologized, which I don’t even think was necessary) is just promoting the pro-choice Democrat, which COSTS LIVES AND COURT JUSTICES AND THE ENTIRE CONSERVATIVE AGENDA.
Unless you find him with a dead girl or a live boy, or some similar felony, you had best start supporting the Republican nominee. IF YOU DON’T LIKE HIM, VOTE FOR CLAIRE AND GET OFF THIS WEBSITE.
~ comment by texasref at Red State

I imagine public policy polling will come out with a poll within the next few days that shows Akin down at least 25.
~ comment by sagettaurus on Red State

Aiken is not too bright. He had this thing sewn up.
~ comment by Signalman on Free Republic

did he mean rape-rape?
~ comment by 2banana on Free Republic

Couldn’t agree more. not only was it an horrific comment, he now has handed the seat to the Dems. he is done.
Why on EARTH would the Mo Tea Party nominate someone this flat out stupid?? There are some wonderful, intelligent Tea Partiers in this nation and they picked him?
Even I’d vote for his opponent after this and I’ve never voted Dem in my life. This isn’t just bad, this is horrible. I prosecuted more rape cases than I can count. This fool has no place representing anyone for ANYTHING.
~ comment by RightwardHo on Free Republic

If you want to fire this guy over a 38 second sound bite, you’re going to fire anyone over anything.
Not standing up for him would signal to the Demonrats that we are pansies who will fold like a cheap suit over any screaming accusation.
Dana Loesch, a woman, said it best when she said Akin failed a sound bite, whereas McCaskill failed us on the economy over six years. McCaskill’s actions are far, far worse.
We need to get a spine, not a noodly back.
~ comment by SoFloFreeper on Free Republic

He is not wrong.
Rape rarely results in pregnancy.
~ comment by roylene on Free Republic

Folks, Claire-Bear voted for the DEATH PANELS!!!
We’re so quick to form the circular firing squad.
~ comment by Kolath on Free Republic

He also said "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” The underlying implication being that pregnant rape victims are liars and not actual victims of rape.
~ comment by green pastures on Free Republic

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