Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Mean Jean" Schmidt Has Meg Ryan Moment Over SCOTUS


Huffington Post Story
Jean Schmidt (R-OH) was standing outside the court building as the initial, incorrect reports were starting to circulate. A bystander with a cellphone camera was on hand to catch her impassioned cries of "YES! YES!"
Schmidt then informed bystanders that the individual mandate was struck down before letting slip a final, passionate "YES!"

From Talking Points Memo
Later in the day, after it had become clear that the individual mandate was in fact upheld, Schmidt posted a conventional press release.
I’m disappointed by the Supreme Court ruling. Two years ago, when the Democrats who then controlled the House passed the so-called Affordable Care Act, they were adamant that it wasn’t a tax. President Obama was adamant that it wasn’t a tax. Now, the Supreme Court says it’s a tax. Regardless of how it’s labeled, the law should be repealed.


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