Monday, June 6, 2016

Berners Lament as AP Calls Hillary Presumptive Nominee

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On Monday June 6, 2016, the Associated Press decided start calling Hillary Clinton the "Presumptive Nominee" a day in advance of the New Jersey and California primaries. Using phone polls of superdelegates added to real pledged delegates from the elections, AP and NBC News both called the race for Hillary, and others followed. Her fans and voters cheered, ready for the primary season to be over. But not the steadfast Bernie fans, clinging to false hope and already suspicious of the "rigged" primaries.

The best case scenario is that the next 24 hours will be a pressure valve allowing the Berners to rant and lament and mourn before turning to the general election. Worst case scenario - the "Bernie or Bust" folks make life hell for everyone on the internet, and continue to do so right up until the Democratic Convention because they feel robbed.

In some ways, this steals thunder from the Clinton campaign, making her victory and speech tomorrow night an anticlimax. But victory is victory, and just as sweet. Meanwhile the Bernie fans are apoplectic as they rant about the oligarchic dystopian nightmare of a winner winning.


And the Berners Lament...

AP Truthers Unite over Hillary's "Secret Win"

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