Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Epic Insults Greet Trump in Scotland

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Donald Trump appeared at his new Scottish Golf Resort called "Turnberry" on the morning of the Brexit fiasco. At a press conference, reporters urged him to give insights into the world implications of the historic vote in Britain, but The Donald mainly wanted to sell hotel space to people taking advantage of the falling pound. He came across like a clueless used car salesman talking to the local Elk's Club instead of a possible world leader. History? What history?

Also, Scotland wasn't exactly happy to see Trump either. One local put up a Mexican flag which could be seen from the golf course. A comedian showed up with a box full of golf balls painted with swastikas, and was led away by security.

Trump made a gaffe about Brexit as soon as his plane landed that morning - implying that Scotland was celebrating, or as he put it "going wild" over leaving the European Union. The problem is, Scotland voted as a whole to REMAIN. And believe me, Twitter let him know just how wrong he was with some of the best insults the world has ever seen!

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