Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bernie the Sore Loser

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The night of the New York Primary, Bernie Sanders was at Penn State giving a speech. When the event ended and he found out he had been trounced by Hillary Clinton, his reaction spoke volumes. He didn't go back to a microphone and give a concession speech. He didn't ask his entourage of reporters to send out a message of good will to other Democrats. Instead, he left his press corps stranded in a Pennsylvania airport at 10 pm at night and flew back home to Vermont where he only spoke to local reporters, still not giving a message of any sort that would prove him to be a gracious loser.

Nope. He's just a loser. A sore loser.

And then the conspiracy theories began, but they've been there all along. The election was "rigged" by Hillary and the "establishment." The election was stolen. Something was wrong. How could Bernie have huge crowds at his speeches, but so few votes? Don't crowds of unregistered voters always equal votes? And isn't it unfair that Independents needed to register, like, last October or something? Rigged! Disenfranchised! Voter Suppression!!!

As if that wasn't bad enough, Bernie's manager, Jeff Weaver, immediately went on MSNBC and made an arse of himself trying to explain some vague way for Bernie to win in spite of logic and math. It was quite a spectacle.

There's a Path!!!


Anger and Denial




Still Bernie or Bust!


Democrats React

Hillary Clinton Wins New York Landslide

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For weeks the Bernie Sanders crowd insisted that he was going to "win big" in New York City. After all, he was a hometown boy from Brooklyn, and a few years, or even 40 years, living in Vermont means nothing when you have the Big Apple in your heart.

And indeed, Sanders seemed to have "intensity" and "momentum" right up until the polls closed on Primary Election Day and it all fell apart. Because Hillary not only won the hearts and minds of Democrats in the Big Apple - she got a landslide of support, higher than projected, both in turnout and delegates won.

Bernie didn't even win the precinct where he grew up. He didn't win any ethnic groups, not even the Jewish voters. Yes, he won in white rural counties with few voters and few delegates outside the cities. It just wasn't enough.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pope Suggests a Psychiatrist for Bernie Camp

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Bernie Sanders and his family took a whirlwind trip to the Vatican in Rome yesterday. Ostensibly he went there to speak at a small conference to spread his message of "moral economics" to a wider audience, giving Bernie more credibility as a world leader. Bernie's spokesperson said he discussed such matters with Pope Francis, head of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and someone Bernie seems to admire.

But the political price of going all that way to make a 15 minute speech struck many as hypocritical - more like a mini-break vacation for Bernie's Catholic wife than a sensible plan.

From the Daily Mail UK

  • Bernie Sanders traveled to Rome for the Vatican conference on Friday

  • He was joined by his wife, ten family members, a group of campaign staff, secret service detail and members of the press

  • The total group of what is believed to be below 50, flew in a chartered Delta 767 for their trip which can seat between 211 and 261 people

  • Sanders's wife, who's Catholic, and four grandchildren came on the trip 

  • A 767 like Sanders' that is flying 4,435 miles from New York to Rome uses approximately 16,596 gallons of fuel

  • But what really happened there in Rome? By the time Bernie and company were headed back home yesterday, confusion reigned. It wasn't as bad as "Romney Shambles" when Mitt went to Israel, but there were questions a-plenty about how the Bernie team were spinning the trip compared to what actually happened.

    From ABC News
    Fresh from Thursday night’s Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders landed in Rome today to speak at a Vatican-hosted conference.
    In his speech to the conference, hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Social Science, the Vermont senator focused on the “urgency of a moral economy.”
    “The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great economic issue of our time, the great political issue of our time, and the great moral issue of our time,” Sanders said. “It is an issue that we must confront in my nation and across the world.”
    . . . During a coffee break, Sanders exited the Vatican walls to address what became a mob scene of supporters and reporters.

    From CBS News
    "When I received the invitation -- I know it's taking me away from the campaign trail for a day. It was so moving to me that it was something I simply could not refuse to attend," he said.
    In reality, Sanders just brought the campaign trail to Rome. In a speech there, he hit many of the same themes, calling for a more just economy, and often using the pope's own words.
    Bishop Marcello Sanchez Sorondo, the man who invited Sanders to a usually obscure conference at an academy advising the Pope on issues like social inequality, says getting involved in political movements "is important."

    But there was confusion over Bernie's invitation from the beginning, with various spokespeople for Bernie at odds with the Vatican, which sought to distance the Pope from American politics. Just like the Kim Davis debacle with the Pope a few months ago, the Vatican's story differed from the way it was being pitched by supporters. And lower-level Vatican officials seemed interested in stirring the political pot much more than the Pope himself.

    For instance, as early as April 8th, the Vatican hinted that Bernie himself had angled for the invitation, which they considered "discourteous."

    From The Hill
    "It was an invitation from the Vatican," Sanders said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "I was very moved by the invitation."
    But the senior Vatican official, Margaret Archer, president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, said it was Sanders who made "the first move" to attend the event.
    . . . “I think in a sense he may be going for the Catholic vote but this is not the Catholic vote and he should remember that and act accordingly — not that he will," Archer added.
    However, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, chancellor of academy, formally invited Sanders to attend the meeting in a letter dated March 30 and provided to The Hill by Sanders' campaign.
    “We are interested in having him because we have two presidents coming from Latin America, I thought it would be good to have an authoritative voice from North America,” Sanchez Sorondo told Bloomberg, speaking from New York.

    Look at the difference between the way the "meeting with the Pope" was pitched yesterday compared to what the Pope says actually happened. The Pope was getting ready to leave for Greece and sent his regrets to all the members of the conference. But Bernie was determined to have the face time with Pontifex and lurked outside his rooms as he was leaving before receiving a "handshake." That was somehow enlarged into a "meeting" by a spokesperson named Michael Shank, and the Sanders camp in general.

    From USA Today
    "We had an opportunity to meet with him this morning," Sanders told the Associated Press. "It was a real honor for me, for my wife and I to spend some time with him. I think he is one of the extraordinary figures not only in the world today but in modern world history." Sanders, who is Jewish, said he has long been a "big fan" of the pope's teachings on economic justice.

    Sanders, in the thick of the presidential race, had to break off his primary campaigning and fly all night to get to the Vatican, where he addressed a Vatican conference on social justice and spent the night at the Vatican guest house where Francis lives.

    The pope, who made a brief trip to Greece on Saturday to visit a refugee camp, spoke to reporters on the plane home about his encounter with the American politician. "When I came down, I greeted him, I shook his hand and nothing more. This is called good manners and it is not getting involved in politics," the pope said, according to Reuters. "If anyone thinks that greeting someone is getting involved in politics, I recommend that he look for a psychiatrist," he said, laughing.

    From "Bernie's Roman Holiday" by Daniel Schultz
    The whole Bernie-goes-to-Rome thing has been a shambles, to be honest. The campaign got Sanders a back-door invite which surprised and irritated the academy president, not to mention stepping on the roll-out of Amoris Laetitia, the Pope’s new teaching on the family. Then they did it again, taking a private jet to Rome to speak on the idolatry of money in the middle of a make-it-or-break-it primary in New York, and arriving in Rome on a day when the Vatican would much rather be talking about Francis’ meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew in Lesbos about the European refugee crisis.
    As if that weren’t bad enough, Sanders showed up with his family in tow, undercutting the high-minded moral message he was supposed to be delivering, and Oh, sweet Jesus, did they really put his logo on a picture of the Pope?! All this in service of a message that won’t impress or inspire anybody who wasn’t going to vote for Sanders to begin with.
    I suppose that was the goal all along, though: to maintain Sanders’ inspirational image. Either that, or they’re making some kind of bizarre, desperate play for the New York Catholic vote. Or again, maybe they were hoping a bird would land on his podium again, which would do about as much good. At this point, I just don’t know what to think.

    From Reuters Video: It is Crazy
    To See the Sanders Meeting as Political

    The Non-Meeting was turned into a political ad!

    At least the food on the plane was great!

    Thursday, April 14, 2016

    Bernie Surrogate Calls Hillary and Supporters "Democratic Whores"

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    This may be the beginning of the end for Bernie Sanders in New York.

    Last night while having a rally in New York City, his far-left spokesperson Dr. Paul Y. Song referred to "status quo" Democrats such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their supporters as "Status Quo . . . Corporatist Democratic Whores," leaving no doubt about his meaning. The remark drew happy cheers from the large crowd in Washington Square, and Bernie thanked the speaker for his words.

    Via Blue Nation Review
    Now Secretary Clinton has said that Medicare for all will never happen. [boos] Well, I agree with Secretary Clinton that Medicare for all will never happen if we have a president who never aspires for something greater than the status quo. [cheers] Medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate Democratic whores [cheers] who are beholden to big pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us.”

    Bernie issued an apology:

    Paul Song issued a non-apology-apology, saying he had been "insensitive." This didn't occur to him as he was writing his speech?

    The next day, Paul Song's wife Lisa Ling wrote an apology on Facebook. She is a Hillary supporter:
    Lisa Ling·Thursday, April 14, 2016
    While my husband and I agree on most issues, we are supporting different candidates in this Democratic primary.
    However, I know for certain that he would never refer to ANY woman as a "whore." In calling out "corporate whores," Paul was referring to those in Congress who have accepted money from the healthcare industry and big pharma, thus impacting their votes on legislation. Nevertheless, it was a very poor choice of words and Paul is extremely regretful for using it.
    Most importantly, he is mortified that such a word is being associated with Secretary Clinton. And I am too.
    As a proud supporter of Hillary Clinton's, I am deeply sorry that this gaffe has generated the attention that it has.

    People also pointed out that Song must have forgotten that his wife's family was beholden in the past to the so-called "Corporatist Democratic Whores" who helped his wife's sister escape from North Korea:

    Bernie supporters were quick to excuse the brouhaha as a misunderstanding:

    The outcry from the Progressive base was swift, saying the remark was both sexist and insulting:

    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Bernie-Brats Need to Stop Dissing the South! - Update with Paul Krugman

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    Win or Lose, the Bernie camp and rabid followers cannot let go of the fact that Hillary is ahead right now due to winning many of the Southern states on Super Tuesday. It really sticks in their craw that the great Southern base of the Democratic Party has a voice in this election. Bernie fans would rather pretend that a handful of delegates from Idaho, Utah, Washington State are more important the millions of votes already cast in the Southeast and Texas.

    Bernie said most recently that the early Southern primaries "distort reality."

    UPDATE One: Paul Krugman wrote a great column called "The Pastrami Principle" about why it is rather stupid to insult voters, but also that Bernie is deliberately spinning the "rigged" Southern primaries to give hope where there is no hope, to make his supporters believe he can still win in spite of the delegate math:

    Paul Krugman, New York Times
    . . . Mrs. Clinton didn’t win big in the South on the strength of conservative voters; she won by getting an overwhelming majority of black voters. This puts a different spin on things, doesn’t it?
    Is it possible that Mr. Sanders doesn’t know this, that he imagines that Mrs. Clinton is riding a wave of support from old-fashioned Confederate-flag-waving Dixiecrats, as opposed to, let’s be blunt, the descendants of slaves? Maybe. He is not, as you may have noticed, a details guy.
    It’s more likely, however, that he’s being deliberately misleading...
    . . . No, claims that Clinton wins in the South should be discounted are really aimed at misleading Sanders supporters, giving them an unrealistic view of the chances that their favorite can still win — and thereby keeping the flow of money and volunteers coming.
    . . . But trying to keep his campaign going by misleading his supporters is not O.K. And sneering at millions of voters is truly beyond the pale, especially for a progressive.

    UPDATE Two: Bernie blamed Southern voters AGAIN last night during the CNN debate and twitter pushed back:

    Apparently the candidate agrees with many of the stupid theories and myths about the South which are rampant in Bernie-land:

    • The DNC "front-loaded" the primaries with Southern states to favor Hillary.
    • The white "base" in the South reject Bernie because they are old fashioned "conservative Dems" no better than Dixiecrat racists.
    • The black voters of the South are especially singled out for blame in ruining Bernie's chances, which many people of color view as a racist dog whistle.
    • Southern Dems don't matter anyway since they live in red states like South Carolina that won't go for the Democrats in the general election, so why should they get such a large proportion of delegates? 
    The Bernie-brats seem incapable of understanding the delegate system on a good day, or the way the Democratic Party works.
    • Southern Dems are just as progressive as Dems anywhere. Think of Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, John Lewis, etc.
    • Dems in red states are outnumbered by Republicans, so their votes are usually cancelled out in the general election. Therefore it is imperative that their voices be heard during Primary Season, and they turned out by the hundreds of thousands. 
    •  Bernie got votes in the South, but Hillary simply got more, and therefore earned more delegates. His surrogates claim now that he never tried to win in the South, but that is smoke and mirrors, with a good bit of sour grapes too.
    •  If Bernie had invested more time and money in southern states, he might have done better, but he won't take responsibility for his own losses, and would rather blame voters.
    • Any student of recent election history can clearly see that the South is the future of the Democratic Party. Demographics are destiny, and states such as Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and even Texas will not always be red - it's just a matter of time.

    Here is just a small sampling of anti-Southern comments by Bernie and his minions:

    But the Misinformation Train keeps rolling along!

    Monday, April 11, 2016

    Election Jokes of the Week April 10, 2016

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    On the Republican side, I saw that Ted Cruz visited a matzah factory in Brooklyn. Of course, matzah is the unleavened bread that Jewish people eat for Passover, and Ted Cruz is the presidential candidate that New Yorkers will definitely pass over.
    ~ Jimmy Fallon

    While campaigning in New York today, Hillary Clinton rode the subway and had to swipe her metro card five times before getting through a turnstile. Though if you know Hillary Clinton, you know she'll keep trying until she gets in.
    She swiped her metro card five times, which means it only took the crowd behind her 10 seconds to go from "Oh my God it's Hillary!" to "Let's go lady!"
    ~ Seth Meyers

    After weeks of back and forth, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have finally agreed to hold a debate in Brooklyn next Thursday. You know you're in New York when you have to argue over the date of when you're going to argue.
    ~ Jimmy Fallon

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have scheduled a debate for next Thursday in Brooklyn. Which is about as close as Bernie Sanders can get to Wall Street without spontaneously combusting.
    ~ Seth Meyers

    "Bernie Sanders won on the Democratic side in the Wisconsin primary. Sanders' Wisconsin supporters celebrated by drinking Old Milwaukee, or as Bernie calls it, 'Young Milwaukee.'"
    ~ Jimmy Fallon

    "There is an ironclad rule of politics: No funny hats."
    ~ Ted Cruz in Wisconsin