Friday, September 6, 2013

Senator John McCain Plays IPhone Poker During Syria Hearing

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From Forbes
One would think that the matter before the Congress would at least command their attention. But, as the Senate conducted a hearing today to discuss the details of the strike, and the arguments for and against it, Sen. John McCain took out his iPhone and played poker to pass the time.
An image of McCain’s phone was captured by Washington Post photographer Melina Mara, and posted to the Post’s live blog of the hearing. The photo is blurry, but clearly depicts a game in progress.

From Daily Caller ~ "Poker Fans Irate at McCain's Double-Dealing
Sen. John McCain, who was caught by a Washington Post photographer playing online poker during the Syria debate, once sought to ban online gambling — and gambling proponents are accusing the Arizona Republican of dealing from the bottom of the deck.
“John McCain not only opposed online gambling, he might have been the strongest critic of gambling in Congress,” Wayne Allyn Root, a successful Las Vegas odds maker, 2008 Libertarian vice presidential candidate, and prominent Mitt Romney supporter during the 2012 presidential campaign, told The Daily Caller.
“Obama and McCain are masters of that politicians’ art form — ‘Do as I say, not as I do,’” Root added. “That’s a nice way of saying they are liars, cheats, frauds and hypocrites.”

David Letterman's "Top Ten John McCain Excuses"
10. Leave me alone -- I'm a hundred years old
9. Can't gamble in casinos since getting caught counting cards
8. Relax, it's just a war hearing
7. Is Reagan upset?
6. I was on the phone with IBM headquarters in Dallas
5. Still able to pay attention to hearings on Iraq or Iran or whatever
4. At least it wasn't some sissy game like 'Bejeweled'
3. Someone has to win back our $17 trillion
2. Better idea than Palin
1. Calm down, it wasn't strip poker

Conan O'Brien: 
Senatorial Hearing Poker Challenge

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