Thursday, September 5, 2013

Matt Drudge Denounces GOP, but Right Wing Not Ready to Join Him

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Is Matt Drudge joining the Tea Party?
~ Greta Van Susteren on Fox News

Greta & her buddies only understand the 2-dimensional landscape. Unfortunately or fortunately, Drudge is like a 64-bit program that cannot be understood by a 32-bit operating system.
~ NSD on Breitbart

Last time I checked we are still a 2 Party system that works through a
run-off process of primaries. Which is why we're not France !
Why did Rush Limbaugh Promote Romney ?
Suspect the same reason. No one wants to be France!
~ chitownhustler on Breitbart

The tea party needs to take over the Republican party by primarying every RINO. You cannot do that if you are not a registered Republican.
~ Ronwagn on Breitbart

...These tweets by Drudge are pathetic and laughable. We have people like Drudge, Rove and Coulter to thank for their contributions to the worthlessness of the GOP. When the GOP establishment wants to ram yet another terrible candidate down our throats, they have people like Matt Drudge that they can count on to help push their propaganda and make it happen. And now Drudge has the audacity to criticize the very problem within the GOP that he has helped to foster? No, on the contrary, Drudge is exactly the type of person who belongs within the decaying, useless, establishment section of the GOP, as was made loud and clear with his despicable shilling for Romney in 2012. When the GOP finally dies, which I hope it will, a new, truly conservative and/or libertarian party should be ashamed if they will have Drudge as a member.
~ Country is Dead on Breitbart

Drudge is sure right about the "who are they?" part!
The Tea Party should be called the "Patriot Party" IMO.
They are the ONLY conservative group willing to say what needs being said to promote our Country as founded.
We should seriously consider Sarah IMO.
Republicans are becoming useless as testies on a clergyman
these days. Most are RINOs like McCain, Grahamnisty, Boehner & Rubio. They are useless to our cause.
We also need TERM LIMITS!
Which Republican has authored THAT Bill??????????????????
~ Fred on Fox News Insider

Oh Matt, you are late to the party....again.
~ Prisoner6 on Free Republic

libertarians are scum of the Earth
I want traditionalist, constitutionalist conservatives in office.
libertarians support open borders, gay marriage and legal meth for the kids.
They are not the alternative.
~ GeronL on Free Republic

All the Libertarian arguments devolve to “We want people to smoke pot."
~ Dan on Free Republic

Claire Wolfe was right: “America is at that awkward stage - I’s too late to work within the system and too early to shoot the basta**s.”
All you can do is prepare. In my case, it means water, off the grid power, self sufficient food sources, firewood and PM’s.
~ cuban leaf (we're doomed) on Free Republic

He’s an aggregator. He doesn’t publish anything. He collects stories. Bye!
~ austinaero on Free Republic

Concur with Drudge. Why vote Republican when they have demonstrated that they delight in stabbing us in the back (and the front) over and over again!
They have demonstrated countless times that they don't care one wit about us until they need money or our vote. Once they get that then they do WHATEVER they want!
Send Boehner's kid to be the first to die in the Syrian cesspool. Send Mehgan McCain off to Syria!
You will not get my sons to die for your political chutzpah!
~ Obadiah on Free Republic

The TEA Party needs to form ranks and take over as the Major opposition Party.
~ Dead Corpse on Free Republic

Tweet to Matt: I am registered No Party Affiliation in Florida and will only vote for CONSERVATIVE and Christians who believe in founding Fathers belief system. All others that may have an (R) after their name and are career politicians I won’t vote for them. The lesser of two evils is still evil and I do firmly believe the Dems and GOP E’s are in cahoots with Satan himself and at this point I may not even vote after 45 years these people do not have the best of America at heart.
~ lexington minuteman 1775 on Free Republic

Yeah, lets fragment and guarantee Marxist rule for our children. The Left NEVER cannibalizes itself over purity. NEVER!
I just love you phony patriots who are too cowardly to actually be Republicans, standing around calling them RINOs and gutless.
The stand should be against the DEMOCRATS and our guys will work themselves out. It's no time to be breaking off into little smug groups of "purists" while the country is taken over!
~ Deb on Free Republic

I really hate to be an optimist but this is kind of a big deal. Drudge is MASSIVELY INFLUENTIAL. I think we just came out of the closet. So to speak.
~ Smudge Pot on The Daily Paul

I'll believe it when Drudge and Beck do a Ron Paul telethon to raise money to audit the Fed.
~ economics31 on The Daily Paul

I've been saying the same thing for over a year now, not that I'm proud that it took me that long to finally wake up. The GOP is the rotting corpse of politics in America. Surely a new Conservative party is close on the horizon.
~ WilliamWallace on The Daily Caller

It’s hard, not to lose faith in America, when both parties are dancing on
the deck of the Titanic, while the rest of us stand at the rail of the ship, staring in horror at the iceberg.
The government has become too big and the corruption widespread and pervasive. It’s time to start again with a New America.
John Galt Take Me With You dotcom
~ BRush on The Daily Caller

There is the party of big powerful government, and then there is the party of even more big powerful government. Be very careful Drudge, the truth is treason in an empire of lies.
~ More Liberty on The Daily Caller

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