Monday, December 28, 2015

Schlong and Short of It ~ Trump Plays Misogyny Card Against Hillary

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Donald Trump is a big, loud, hateful Misogynist. So what else is new?

When Hillary had to take a bathroom break during the latest Democratic debate, Trump made his disgust known:

From Washington Post:
"I know where she went -- it's disgusting, I don't want to talk about it," Trump said, screwing up his face, as the crowd laughed and cheered. "No, it's too disgusting. Don't say it, it's disgusting."

Disgusting - because I guess men never go to the bathroom, right?

Bernie Sanders opined: “This is a guy who wants to be president of the United States. He must have a very unusual relationship with women.”

Unusual, indeed. He hates women.

Trump also said that Obama beating Hillary during the 2008 Primary was a case of her getting "Schlonged." Yes, "Schlonged." And he used it as a verb, which makes it rather a synonym for "F***ed."

TRUMP: Let me just tell you. I may win, I may not win. Hillary, that's not a president. That's not -- she's not taking us -- everything that's been involved in Hillary has been loss. You take a look, even a race to Obama, she was going to beat Obama. I don't know who would be worse. I don't know. How does it get worse? But she was going to beat -- she was favored to win and she got schlonged.

Rachel Maddow believes Trump was confusing "Schlonged" which is Yiddish for "penis," with "Shellacked," meaning beaten:

MSNBC Transcript: Rachel Maddow:
“The Washington Post” reports today the only other time that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has been known in public to use the word, forgive me, schlonged, was in 2011 when he was talking about that same 2016 midterm election, that same midterm election in which President Obama very famously described it as having been shellacked and everybody talked about that midterm election using the word shellacking. Donald Trump in 2011 tried to talk about the 2010 shellacked midterms and instead he came out with the term schlonged.

. . . So, maybe this is like a malaprop.

A "malaprop" or "malapropism" means a mistake in word choice, referring to Mrs. Malaprop, a character in the play "The Rivals" by Richard Sheridan, 1775. The character nearly always chooses the wrong word for what she means, which makes her quite humorous to audiences. But Maddow went on to say she didn't believe her own theory:

I told you this was a bad theory. I don`t actually believe this. I don`t actually believe he meant something else and it came out wrong but you know what, it`s Christmastime, and it`s sometimes nice to imagine a nicer world than the one in which we live, one where the Republican Party`s leading presidential candidates, at least their leading presidential candidate, one of them, says stuff like this and does stuff like this.

In fact, Trump has not admitted making any mistakes with that word, and his spokesperson Katrina Pearson played dumb about it on CNN Via Crooks and Liars:
LEMON: Do you think that was -- Katrina, was that off the cuff? Because schlonged usually means, you know, something else.

PIERSON: Well, I think he was meaning like schlonged to the ground, schlonged around, I mean, are we really talking about the definition of a word of Hillary Clinton?

WILSON: Oh, he did not, Katrina. Come on, don't even try that.

PIERSON: What is -- what is schlonged in, Rick? Why don't you tell me what schlong means.

Trump on Twitter:

Hillary's spokesperson tweeted:

Trump then accused Hillary and her camp of playing the "Woman are Degraded Card"

That statement caused Michaela Pereira of CNN to state this on air:

“Is it a card? She is a woman, it’s not really a card.”

But Trump can't stop, and decided to attack Bill Clinton next! Talk about holier than thou! How many times has Trump been divorced again???

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trump Jumps the Shark with Facist Ideas

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Trump has gone full-Facist now, calling for the ban of "All Muslims" in the United States based on their religion. I. just. can't. even.

Dan Rather: "Trump and Cruz are confusing the Bully Pulpit with the BS Pulpit"

GOP: "Doesn't know whether to howl at the moon or check their emails" - Rather

Monday, December 7, 2015

Tra-la-la Shoot Somebody for Christmas

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I have barely blogged at all since the Paris attacks, and then we had the Planned Parenthood attack in Colorado by some guy who yelled "No more baby parts!" (thanks, Carly Fiorina). Then just the other day we had these heavily-armed American dream ISIS wannabes shooting up a hospital in California just because it was there.

So who wants to read headlines anymore anyway? I just stare speechless at my Facebook and Twitter feed, wondering whether we are at the end of modern Civilization in the United States, or if we will finally reach a tipping point that will stop the madness. On any given day, I can't decide where we are.

It's Christmastime and half of the country wants to be cozy and safe and happy. The other half wants Baby Jesus to bring guns for the whole family, and Grandma to have gun pictures with Santa, and the NRA to save them from Evil Obama who is coming to get their precious guns on Christmas Day. And they think and pray about it in church, while sending shoeboxes full of religious stuff to poor children in other countries, but if those same kids come here, they are dirty immigrants with diseases. These faux-Christians wouldn't even let Mary and Joseph into the Manger - they send them back to the desert and who the hell cares what happens to their baby? Thus endeth the Christmas Story, brought to you by Donald Trump and the NRA deacons of the Gun Church.

My hero this week is Igor Volsky, a journalist with Think Progress, who started calling out politicians who took the easy road by sending "Thoughts and Prayers" to the victims of various shootings and their families. It's just not enough at this point! This lip service without any forward-thinking policy is a crime.

NRA: Demons at our Door

Friday, November 20, 2015

GOP Attacks Syrian Refugees After Paris Attacks

lady liberty crying photo LadyLibertyCrying.jpg

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Leave it to the Republicans - they can always go lower. And like all bullies, they enjoy finding new victims for their aggression, especially those already suffering, those without a voice, those without a proper home. After the ISIS attack on Paris, the GOP is focused on blaming all Syrian refugees, even mothers and babies, and are hell-bent on keeping them out of red Republican states, even if they have been settled there previous to Paris. Never mind that the guys who blew up Paris were Europeans born and raised, with only one coming into the country with a group of Syrian refugees. No, blame them all, punish them all - who needs facts?

If it smells like Facism and Nazi-ism, then it probably is.

Haslam rolls back rhetoric after Casada debacle

The Paris Attacks Friday November 13, 2015

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A stadium where French President Francois Hollande was watching a soccer match, a music venue where an American band called "Eagles of Death Metal" was playing, and rows of restaurants where people were sitting with friends or family eating and drinking win. All became Isis targets during a terror attack on Friday the 13th in November of 2015. And the world wept.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Starbucks War on Christmas

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It's the time of year when frosty mornings lead to a new level of "War on Christmas" poutrage from the religious right. This happens every year, but has reached a new level of stupid.

Starbucks coffee company decided this year to use red cups for the holidays but leave off Christmas symbols like snowflakes, reindeer and trees (are those even religious?), and this caused some idiot "preacher" on Facebook named Joshua Feuerstein to make a viral video saying people should tell baristas that their name is "Merry Christmas" so they would have to say it out loud. Then the internet crazies took over and called for a boycott over the red cup, which even made Bristol Palin embarrassed - and her mother literally wrote the book on the "War on Christmas"!!!

Ben Carson would understand!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Unsolved Mysteries of Ben Carson

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Ben Carson has pretty much had a free ride from both the right and the left so far, even when they know he has said weird stuff in the past that any other candidate would be grilled about, and even when he debates on national TV with his eyes closed.

All that changed this week, and it's been fabulous. Finally the media is poking around in Carson's past and pulling out these tidbits of insanity.

The Egyptian Pyramids are Grain Silos

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Ben Carson stood by his long-held belief about ancient pyramids in Egypt, that they were used to store grain, rather than to inter pharaohs.
Asked about this Wednesday, Carson told CBS News, "It's still my belief, yes."
The subject came up when Buzzfeed published a 1998 commencement speech delivered by Carson at Andrews University, a college founded by Seventh-day Adventists.
"My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain," Carson said. "Now all the archeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs' graves. But, you know, it would have to be something awfully big if you stop and think about it. And I don't think it'd just disappear over the course of time to store that much grain."
In the same speech, he went on to say, "[W]hen you look at the way that the pyramids are made, with many chambers that are hermetically sealed, they'd have to be that way for various reasons. And various of scientists have said, 'Well, you know there were alien beings that came down and they have special knowledge and that's how--' you know, it doesn't require an alien being when God is with you."

Rand Paul: Nope! Aliens!

Carson Got All Stabby with Something Sharp on Somebody Once (Maybe)

From Salon
In preparation for an interview with Ben Carson on “New Day” Friday, CNN investigated claims the retired neurosurgeon made about his upbringing in his 1990 autobiography “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story,” but was unable to find corroboration for the incidents of violence that are at the core of his story of transformation from an angry young man into the calm, collected GOP hopeful he is today.
Carson claims to have punched a seventh-grade classmate in the head while holding a lock, and attempted to stab a classmate named “Bob” in ninth grade, but CNN spoke to nine people who knew him at the time — two of whom lived next door to the Carsons and knew young Ben well — and not a single one of them could corroborate his stories.

Vanity Fair
When CNN interviewed his classmates, some who’d known Carson as early as elementary school, they universally said they never heard any rumors of Carson’s alleged violence. “I don't know nothing about that,” said Gerald Ware, who attended high school with Carson. “It would have been all over the whole school.” CNN also delved into Carson’s shifting recollections of certain pivotal life moments: during one telling of the hammer incident, they reported, he left out the hammer, saying only that he attempted to hit his mother.
In this strange universe we live in, Carson being accused of not having a violent temper is somehow a minus: during press conferences and an appearance on The Kelly File later that day, he adamantly refused to admit that he fabricated his personal history, blaming the media for trying to take him down: “Do you think I’m a pathological liar like CNN does? Or do you think I’m an honest person?”

From Politicus USA
Timothy McDaniel, a friend of Carson’s, told CNN the descriptions Carson gives on the Trump are not the guy he knew. He remembers Carson as an academically driven young man, “… never stooping to the level of the common thug.” His friend suggested that maybe Carson tried to hide this side of himself out of embarrassment. A tenth person said maybe he heard about the attempted stabbing at school.
Yes, that’s right, Dr. Carson might just be an ordinary kid who studied really hard and became a great neurosurgeon, and now he’s a leading contender for the GOP nomination for president.
What’s so bad about that? Well, working hard to rise above your circumstances doesn’t resonate with evangelicals. You have to be a stereotyped version of a sinner first and then be saved. If you’re black, best to be a thug. If you’re a pretty white woman, see Roxie Hart. Etc. You need a good story to be a good con artist, and the good story needs to fit in with the bigotry of your marks, to validate their prejudices and make them feel elevated, chosen, and ultimately, superior. So Carson needs to be a dangerous, violent thug saved by the Bible.

Carson thinks CNN is on a "Witch Hunt"

From The Hill
Carson told host Megyn Kelly on Fox News’s “The Kelly File." "This is simply an attempt to smear and deflect the argument to something else.
“The media is ruthless,” the retired neurosurgeon added. "So, you know, I would say to the people of America — do you think I’m a pathological liar like CNN does? Or do you think I’m an honest person? I’m going to leave that up to the American people to make that decision.”
Carson then argued that CNN is trying to discredit him, given his surging popularity with voters nationwide.
“It’s a smear campaign,” he insisted. "They’re going to go back and try to find anything that I’ve ever said and try to get me on the defensive about it in order to distract away from the things that are important.

Trump loves this story!

And this person - not the real Trump:

Ben Carson Wasn't Offered a "Scholarship" to West Point Because There are NO Scholarships at West Point

From Washington Post
For years, Carson has said he was offered a “full scholarship” to the U.S. Military Academy when he was a high-achieving high school Army ROTC cadet in the late 1960s. But Carson never applied to West Point, was never accepted and never received a formal scholarship offer. In fact, West Point does not offer scholarships; all cadets attend free.
The story was first reported Friday by Politico. Carson responded to the resulting controversy by saying that when he spoke of an “offer,” he referred to informal, verbal statements of encouragement from military leaders he met through the ROTC, the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps .
“I was told that because of my accomplishments, they would be able to manage to get me into West Point and that I wouldn’t have to pay anything,” Carson said on the Christian Broadcasting Network. He said he decided not to apply and went to Yale University instead to pursue medicine. “There was no application process [at West Point]. I never even started down that path,” Carson said.

Friday, October 30, 2015

CNBC "Crap Sandwich" Infuriates GOP

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The channel of high finance CNBC hosted a GOP Debate the other night, but instead of focusing on money issues, the Moderators were all over the place, asking embarassing questions to surly candidates who dodged, rolled their eyes, and insulted back with gusto. In the words of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, it was a "Crap Sandwich."

Reince Priebus via Business Insider:
"Obviously we had assurances that it was going to be straight-up finance, which is what they do every day," he told Hannity on Thursday. "And what was delivered was just nothing but a crap sandwich. I guarantee you we're going to make sure that CNBC isn't hosting and moderating another debate with our candidates."

Even many journalists were tempted to use the phrase "Shit Show"

From Think Progress
Reporters from both conservative and liberal-minded news organizations seem to agree: the CNBC Republican presidential debate was kind of a trainwreck.
That wasn’t really because of the candidates, though — it was because of the moderators. For the first hour, CNBC moderators Becky Quick, John Harwood, and Carl Quintanilla didn’t let candidates interact with each other, resulting in multiple moments of incomprehensible yelling. This may have been because of stricter time limits — this particular 10-candidate debate was only two hours, while the previous Republican debates have spanned three hours.
But constant interruption wasn’t the only problem. Candidates were also highly critical of the CNBC crew, accusing them of being part of the “liberal media.” At one point, Ted Cruz ripped into the moderators for asking what he called unfair and non-substantive questions. And in two instances, audience members actually booed at questions the moderators asked of Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee.

From Sean Illing on Salon:
What happened was less a debate among contenders and more a showdown between the candidates and the moderators. Everyone attacked the moderators when they heard a question they didn’t like, and then made a show of their rebelliousness – this was great for anti-media conservatives, but a distraction for everyone else. The moderators had their moments, but they were mostly awful. Frivolous questions about Rubio’s absenteeism or Trump’s “moral character” or fantasy football gave the candidates just enough fodder to avoid answering the hard questions whenever they were asked. The result of all this was two and a half hours of political gas.

Colbert on CBS: "Did ya'll watch the GOP Debate last night on CNBC? (light applause) I'm so sorry. I, uh, I did watch it, and in some ways it was impressive. They managed to thread the needle between confusing and boring... CNBC showed us how to conduct a debate without a shred of respect....And what the moderators lacked in courtesy they made up for in lack of preparation."

So yeah, Moderators had a really bad night!

Some (including Moderator John Harwood) faulted the candidates for not wanting to answer hard questions: