Wednesday, January 2, 2013

GOP Has a Sad About Fiscal Cliff Loss


I have to admit that Obama makes Bill Clinton look like an amateur when it comes to politics.
~ comment by MinorityRepublican on Free Republic

The Republican Party is dead. The GOP-e has killed it. I am not drinking their lesser-of-two evils, Dem-lite Kool-Aid anymore.
comment by Buddy on Free Republic

It's always the same, wait, just wait until this or that hits the fan. In the mean time the Republicans keep giving in to the left, and now it's Obama they keep giving in to. When will they hold the line until the left gives in? Just once in my friggen life I would like to see them HOLD! But they never do, and they never will.
They hold the purse, yet they allow Obama to stick his hand in and take what ever he wants because they are afraid of him and the media. Screw the media.
It is time to say no, regardless of what you are called or what lies they tell. Integrity starts with doing the right thing regardless of the lies told about you. The Republican establishment controls the party, and they have no integrity.
So because they cannot stop themselves from dealing with the devil, it's time for us to say no to them. We are beyond the brink, it is now time.
~ comment by OneVike on Free Republic

I vote for Cantor for speaker, he will stand up to Obozo.
~ comment by The Beagle Nose on Breitbart

Only one Cannon left.
Let our aim be true.
Stop the Spending, Stop the Addiction !
~ comment by HeReturnsSoon on Breitbart

Is their intent to piss us off and insult our intelligence in the most ludicrous ways imaginable?
~ comment by PrivacyInA9M80 on Breitbart

Please send your checks to Marco Rubio 2016 Presidential Exploratory Committee. Paul Ryan's Presidential Exploratory Committee died today.
~ comment by Calder on National Review

Essentially no spending cuts. We are headed into economic ruin.
~ comment by No Blarney on Washington Times

~ comment by justbreathless on Washington Times

The McConnell Tax Hike will become law of the land. Mitch McConnell can and should take responsibility for it.
. . . The Republican Establishment in Washington, DC should be burned to the ground and salt spread on the remains. Republicans who saw Mitch McConnell and John Boehner destroy the last plank of the Republican Party are going to need to look elsewhere for a savior for their party. Boehner and McConnell have declared they will survive. Their party? They don’t really care.
Conservatives must look elsewhere. I do not advocate a third party. I advocate bring fresh blood into the GOP.
~ Erick Erickson on Red State

As it happened, Boehner's attempt at herding cats failed miserably, the House lost any leverage or credibility in the fiscal cliff negotiations and have been left as nothing more than a rubber-stamp on whatever Obama and the Democrat Senate was prepared to pass.
~ comment by Rich on Red State

Boehner is an Ohio Republican, the writing is on the wall. Boehner looses his job if Obama doesn't like him, so he prostrates himself, and sells the rest of us down the river. Boehner is like all blue state conservatives, just looking for cover anywhere they an find it. Our future is in Obama's control and I don;t see too many Conservatives talking about how to govern blue states, or win big blue cities.
~ comment by Wm on Red State

Look in the mirror: you (and me) are the fools. Boehner and McConnell and nearly the entire GOP Senators (and we'll soon find out probably at least half the GOP House) are not conservatives getting tricked into being progressives. They are progressives tricking you (and me) into thinking they are sometimes conservative. This was an easy call for anybody with a conservative inkling to vote against. All the pretend "negotations" between the President, and Harry Reid, and Biden, and McConnell, and then Boehner wouldn't budge, and then McConnell was driving a hard bargain, then....blah, blah, blah, they're drinking Scotch during these "meetings" plotting what the next "impasse" will be to keep dragging you and me along - it's all a show folks! The GOP leadership and the Obama administration and Democratic party are ONE IN THE SAME. They need each other to keep themselves in power. I for one am done being the GOP's useful idiot. 1988 was the last time we had a conversative leader of our party. 25+ years is too long.
~ comment by Brah on Red State

I will be writing a check to the Ashley Judd campaign for the Senate from Kentucky.
~ comment by kipling on Red State

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