Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Right Wing Goes Godwin on Guns When Biden Says Executive Orders Possible


I want to make it clear that we are not going to get caught up in the notion (that) unless we can do everything we're going to do nothing. It's critically important (that) we act.
. . . The President is going to act, there are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven't decided what that is yet. But we're compiling it all with the help of the Attorney General and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action, we believe is required.
~ Vice President Joe Biden via Reuters

source: Atlantic

The Drudge Report seemed to reach a new level of gun-confiscation hysteria Tuesday afternoon when it used photos of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin to illustrate the headline, "WHITE HOUSE THREATENS 'EXECUTIVE ORDERS' ON GUNS," linking to a story about Joe Biden's brief statement about his gun-proposal committee.
. . . Of course, this is all an illustration of Godwin's Law: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." ("Hitler ate sugar," a Daria character said.) But if Drudge's image choice was shocking, it's another example of the phenomenon of the very right wing talking to itself and no one else.
~ The Atlantic

What Drudge is correctly evoking is that both Stalin and Hitler first disarmed their populations before beginning the worst excesses of their reigns. By executive order.
~ comment by Big Boy on Michelle Malkin's Blog

Biden can BITE ME. Much like Mahatma Ghandi when asked by his British Overlords how he was going to kick them out of India, "If 70 million Indians refused to do what you say, what can you do?"
THE ANSWER is the same here.
There are 100,000,000 American GUN owners. IF they say 'register' or 'turn em in', if only 10,000,000 say "NO", what are they going to do?
IF 1,000,000 decide to hold a revolution, what will they do?
Obama is overconfident in his abilities. He is drunk with power. He is stupid in the fact that he THINKS, everyone will just DO what he says.
AND it will only take a few GENERALS, and a few thousand troops to say "F*** NO." For him to have a revolution on his hands.
. . . AND when the criminals and terrorists come to America and start killing your family and friends, then give us a call. AND the AMERICAN GUN OWNER will be the reason you will be free again.
THE REASON the JAPANESE never invaded the USA in WW2 was because ADMIRAL ISOKORU YAMAMOTO said: "there would be a sniper behind each blade of grass." KNOWING Americans owned guns and would defend their land. UNLIKE IN JAPAN and GERMANY at the time, their populations were REQUIRED to turn in guns and weapons. WE all know what happened after that. THEY became dictatorships and fought wars of conquest.
~ comment by Jim on Washington Times

Obama to follow in footsteps of Hitler, Stalin with 'executive order' disarmament of the American people
It's official. President Obama is going to march America down the dark halls of history by following in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and all the other gun-grabbing madmen who have exploited fear to achieve the total concentration of power in the hands of dictatorial government.America is headed into civil war.
. . . This is the moment when America either falls to tyrants or rises to resist it.
Gun grabbers actually want your guns so they can murder you with them
The real agenda of gun grabbers has now become crystal clear: They want to kill gun owners and anyone who doesn't bow down to the Hitlerian madness of the Obama administration.
Last night on the Piers Morgan show on CNN, guests openly threatened Alex Jones' children with being killed, and then one guest openly suggested that Piers Morgan shoot Alex Jones with an AR-15 -- followed by laughter from the other guests on the show. It is a felony crime to threaten to murder a person, yet none of these guests who appeared on Piers Morgan have been arrested.
. . . It's all coming out. This is their true agenda: mass murder and / or genocide. Those who support gun disarmament of the American people are supporting mass murder: Michael Moore, Piers Morgan, Biden, Obama, Cuomo... they are all proponents of mass murder. They are the very same kind of people who once supported Hitler and Stalin, and now they're creating a new Hitler in Barack Obama, the would-be dictator who is thrusting America straight into a new civil war.
Read history: Gun confiscation leads to mass murder by government ("democide")
~ Natural News

Obama May Use Executive Order to Grab Guns, Warns Biden
~ NewsMax

Obama to America: Screw the Second Amendment, I’ll take your guns by executive order.
~ doriengrey1 on Wilderness of Mirrors Blog

~ Headline on Fox Nation

Biden: Obama Will Bypass Congress for Gun Control
~ Breitbart

The very moment executive order is used to infringe upon the 2nd amendment he becomes WORSE than George III.
~ comment by cds8745 on Breitbart

The Founding Fathers never envisioned Executive Orders being used to restrict our Constitutional rights. We live in a republic, not a dictatorship.
I will use every means at my disposal to combat the agenda of the Executive branch to undermine our Second Amendment rights. I will also fight any legislative action that is taken to implement more gun control. Americans don’t want their Second Amendment freedoms restricted in any way and I will continue to fully support the right to bear arms for all law abiding citizens.
~ Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC)

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