Thursday, January 17, 2013

Loathsome Bully Limbaugh Mocks Children's Fear about Newtown Shooting


Obama uses kids as human shields. The Democrats use kids as human shields. He brings these kids who supposedly wrote letters to the White House after Newtown, brings them up there to present a picture of support among the children for the president to do something about guns. It's gonna be very difficult, very difficult to oppose it. You got these little kids there. They don't want to die. (mocks a child crying) How can you not listen to them? We've gotta do something. That's the picture. That's the image that the presence of the kids is designed to create.
~ Rush Limbaugh, mocking the young children who had written letters to President Obama about the Newtown Shooting


  1. The douchebag did NOT mock the newtown kids, he mocked Obama's display of children at his gun control announcement, ya'll are lying to further your own political agenda which is just as bad as what your accusing douche Limbaugh of doing.

  2. No, he mocked the kids. THEY wrote the letters, not President Obama, not the pro-gun regulation advocates.

    He mimicked a child crying, for pete's sake! No soul.

    How dare HE use children to further HIS agenda??

    My views on gun control have nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with good sense and compassion and the desire to provide a safe environment for everyone. Assault weapons of any type in the hands of a private citizen - trained or not - do not protect. They are offensive weapons.