Thursday, January 24, 2013

Justice Scalia's Inauguration Hat

pic source: the art newspaper

The hat is a custom-made replica of the hat depicted in Holbein’s famous portrait of St. Thomas More. It was a gift from the St. Thomas More Society of Richmond, Virginia. We presented it to him in November 2010 as a memento of his participation in our 27th annual Red Mass and dinner.
~ Kevin C. Walsh, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Richmond

Was Scalia, a Catholic who often speaks about his how faith frames his worldview, subtly stating his defiance of political authority, making an argument about religious freedom today, or was his head just really cold?
~ Elizabeth Tenety on Washington Post

That's the same hat Spanky wore from the, "Our Gang" series.
~ Peter H. on Atlanticwire

NO ONE EXPECTS the Scalia Inquisition!
(But considering his record, they probably should.)
~ Scylfing on Atlanticwire

Auditioning for a 3 Stooges remake?
~ Lars_the_Pianist on Atlanticwire

As for Anthony Scalia not removing his hat I think it's Disrespectful/Rude . The hat if you can call it a hat, looks like a Matador's hat that got crushed by a Bull or somebody pulled the ears off a Mickey Mouse Cap.
~ Liz from Hyden on NBC Today Show News



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