Friday, January 11, 2013

A Coin As Big as 89 Whales


Actual Fox News Graphic

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This infographic speaks for itself, but in case you're Fox News and need it spelled out, the so-called "Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin" won't weigh 17,774 tons, because, for one thing, there isn't nearly that much platinum in the whole world.
~ Gawker

I'm trying to pry my eyebrows out of my hairline.
~ NewJewRevue on New York Mag

now we have a new meme to face the opposition: "89 Blue Whales."
~ louisev on Daily Kos

Blue whales? Ballistic missile subs? Fox needs to use random objects more familiar to their audience like monster trucks, WWF wrestlers, trailers etc.
~ AtheistOnTheEdge on YouTube

Right, because a penny is made out of one penny's worth of copper and zinc and a $100 bill is made of $100 worth of paper.
~ Flying Squid on RawStory

"Fox News Does Not Understand How X Works"
Valid for all values of X.
~ SaltyOne on New York Mag

It should weigh at least as much as Henry Winkler and a Shark since that's what needs to go on this coin.
~ corey3rd on Gawker

Fox Doesn't Understand How Coins Work
In my wallet right now I have a bunch of $20 bills, a few $1 bills, and a $5 bill. These bills are worth different amounts of money due to the fact that they have different numerals written on them. In terms of their actual contents, there's very little difference but a $20 bill is much more valuable than a $1 bill just because. By the same token, if you write a check for $20,000 it doesn't need to be physically different from a $200 check except for having different numerals written on it. Coins are the same. Dimes are more valuable than nickels even though they're smaller.
. . . A $1 trillion coin would be a coin of any size with the number "1 Trillion" written on it somewhere near "In God We Trust."
~ Matthew Yglesias on Slate

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