Thursday, November 20, 2014

Darren Wilson Had No Injuries

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The myth of Mike Brown among the white community in Ferguson, Missouri, is that he was a "black thug" who "attacked" Officer Darren Wilson through the window of his police car, and as a result Wilson was "fighting for his life" just like George Zimmerman fought against Trayvon Martin in the Florida "Stand Your Ground" case. So whatever happened to Mike Brown - being shot down in the street, twice through the head - was justified.

The only problem is, in both the Zimmerman Case and with Darren Wilson, there were hardly any injuries to the person claiming to be the "victim," while the "Young Thugs" can't defend themselves because they are lying dead in the street.

In the case of the Ferguson shooting, there were no apparent injuries to Darren Wilson, and he didn't receive any treatment from paramedics on the scene after Mike Brown was shot.

As reported by Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs:
Two videos released today by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch show Officer Darren Wilson (in a white T-shirt) at the police station immediately after he shot Michael Brown to death in Ferguson; the first shows him leaving the station to go to the hospital, the second shows him returning from the hospital.
These videos are the final word on St. Louis hate-blogger Jim Hoft’s “fractured eye socket” hoax — because there are absolutely no visible injuries to Wilson’s face, and when he returns from the hospital there are no bandages, either. If he was indeed struck by Michael Brown, it could not have been severe enough to fracture his eye socket; by this time there would have been severe pain and swelling, but here we see Wilson walking casually with no assistance and in no apparent discomfort. Hardly the behavior of a man who had just suffered a “savage beating,” as Jim Hoft (and other right wing media) claimed.

And there you have it:

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