Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tennessee Turkey Girl ~ GOP Operative for Stephen Fincher Insults the Obama Family

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The so-called "Communications Director" for Tennessee GOP Rep. Stephen Fincher, a woman named Elizabeth Lauten or @DCGOPGIRL, decided to give the daughters of President Obama a talking-to about their attitudes, demeanor, and even their clothing choices. The impetus for this came after the girls appeared with their Dad to pardon the White House turkey, during which they looked both bored and embarrassed, as any teenagers would be in such a situation. Maybe these girls are just getting too old to take such a silly tradition seriously. Ya think?

While "outraged" right-wingers decried the girls giving the turkey and Pres. Obama the "side-eye," Ms. Lauten spilled her own thoughts onto her public Facebook. And she didn't just keep it light-hearted, she blamed Michelle and Barack Obama for their appearance, saying the parents of Sasha and Malia "don't respect their positions very much." In effect, she politicized a very non-political situation and used children to make the point that she hates the Obama family. Keep it classy!

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Hmm, Ms. Lauten - what do you mean by "respect their positions very much?" As much as you respect the President and First Lady of the United States? Or as much as you respect the children of the President and their right to grow up off-limits to criticism from stupid political hacks like yourself? While I'm sure the racist followers of your boss, Rep. Fincher, are cheering you on, most people with any sense at all would know you are committing career suicide by attacking the President's family on Thanksgiving. But please, proceed. Happy communications to you.

We'll never know what possessed this person to target the Obama girls as opposed to, say, the rather wild daughters of George Bush, known for getting drunk at frat parties. One thing's for sure, Twitter will NEVER let her forget it. For me, Elizabeth Lauten will forever be "Tennessee Turkey Girl."

Of course a few on Twitter came to her defense, because she is a DC insider.

Never mind that her employer is a public servant paid with our tax money. And therefore we have a right to hold his staff accountable, especially those of us from Tennessee.

But . . .

After the outcry: the Inevitable Apology

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