Monday, July 27, 2015

Mike Huckabee Compares Obama to Hitler for #IranDeal

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As a GOP Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee has mainly gotten attention this year for his support of the Duggar Family and their show on The Learning Channel, even after it came to light that their oldest son Josh Duggar had molested his younger sisters. Now that the show has finally been cancelled by the network, Huckabee is eager to shake off the taint of that long-time association.

Also, the candidate really, really wants to be on stage at the first Fox News GOP Primary debate, but Donald Trump is sucking up all the air time as well as moving up in the polls.

So to secure himself a place, Uncle Sugar decided to make a tasteless remark about President Obama and the Holocaust. So yeah, he may get into the first tier of the debate, but Huckabee has probably lost the Jewish vote forever, which is fitting because he only supports Israel until they fail so the Rapture can happen and Christians can take over everywhere. And thus we have the hypocrisy of Mike Huckabee and many in the GOP - they are not true friends of Israel in any way.

From NBC:
... Huckabee told Breitbart News on Saturday that the Obama administration's actions on the Iran deal are "naive."
"This president's foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians," he said.
"By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven. This is the most idiotic thing, this Iran deal. It should be rejected by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress and by the American people," he added.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League Released a statement:
Whatever one’s views of the nuclear agreement with Iran – and we have been critical of it, noting that there are serious unanswered questions that need to be addressed – comments such as those by Mike Huckabee suggesting the president is leading Israel to another Holocaust are completely out of line and unacceptable.

Israeli military and security officials have repeatedly said the Obama Administration has been as strong as any other American administration in keeping Israel secure. Just a year ago, during the war in Gaza, the president signed off on an additional $223 million for Iron Dome anti-missile weaponry to protect the lives of Israeli civilians.

To hear Mr. Huckabee invoke the Holocaust when America is Israel’s greatest ally and when Israel is a strong nation capable of defending itself is disheartening. The great tragedy of the Holocaust saw the Jews of Europe without allies and without power at the worst possible moment.

There is a serious debate taking place over the next five weeks within Congress over the Iran deal. We have called on all sides, regardless of whether one is liberal or conservative, to conduct that debate responsibly and civilly. That plea should apply to presidential candidates as well.

President Obama, traveling in Kenya, responded today:
...Obama, hitting back at former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s cringeworthy Holocaust-themed remarks about the Iran nuclear deal a day earlier, said the 2016 candidate’s comment were “part of just a general pattern we have seen that would be considered ridiculous if it weren’t so sad.”
“We have robust debates, we look at the facts,'' Obama said in some of his only comments regarding anything the pack of 16 GOP candidates running to replace him have said. “We just don't fling out ad hominem attacks like that because it doesn't help inform the American people.''
“Maybe it’s just an effort to push Mr. Trump out of the headlines,” Obama suggested during a press conference in Ethiopia, where he was asked a question specifically about Huckabee’s assertion that the White House’s Iran nuclear deal was tantamount to marching Israel “to the door of the oven.”
“It's not the kind of leadership that's needed for America right now,'' the President said. “These are leaders in the Republican Party … the American people deserve better. Certainly presidential debates deserve better”...

But the President's comments only led to doubling down by Mr. Huckabee:

From CNN: Huckabee Out-Trumps Trump
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee defended himself Monday after President Barack Obama slammed his comments linking the Iran deal to the Holocaust as "ridiculous" and "sad."
"What's 'ridiculous and sad' is that President Obama does not take Iran's repeated threats seriously. For decades, Iranian leaders have pledged to 'destroy,' 'annihilate,' and 'wipe Israel off the map' with a 'big Holocaust,'" Huckabee said in a statement Monday just hours after Obama spoke. "Never again' will be the policy of my administration and I will stand with our ally Israel to prevent the terrorists in Tehran from achieving their own stated goal of another Holocaust."
Huckabee has continued to capitalize on the moment, with his campaign posting a video to Facebook within hours of Obama's rebuke that earned more than 30,000 views within its 40 minutes online.

When Huckabee was begged to back down by Latino Jew Geraldo Rivera of Fox News, he doubled down even more and started raving about "staring into ovens" while visiting Auschwitz.

From Huffington Post
"Three times I've been to Auschwitz. When I talked about the oven door, I have stood at that oven door. I know exactly what it looks like -- 1.1 million people killed," Huckabee, a 2016 presidential candidate, said in an appearance on Fox News' "The Five."
Geraldo Rivera, one of the show's hosts, pushed back on the comparison.
"I love you. You would be a great president," Rivera said. "You have the temperance. You have the experience. But as a Jew -- and I have to tell you, with people who work in the Anti-Defamation League and relatives on both sides, it was inappropriate. There are some places you cannot go."


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Arrest and Mysterious Death of #SandraBland

 photo SandraBland1.png

Behold the mysterious case of Sandra Bland, a woman driving alone who was pulled over in Waller County, Texas for relatively minor infractions: she blew through a stop sign on what seems to be a deserted highway except for the police car. According to the cop's dashcam, he sped up and did a quick u-turn in order to follow Ms. Bland. When she changed lanes to the right, possibly to allow the speeding officer to pass her, she didn't use her turn signal and the same cop pulled her over.

From there, it just gets worse and worse. Yes, she argued with cop Brian Encinia, asking why she was being pulled over. This apparently outraged Encinia, who kept asking Bland to get out of her car and threatened her with a taser is she didn't comply. When she finally got out of the car, he carefully led her out of camera view and there ensued an altercation in which Ms. Bland was screaming about having her head slammed into the ground. Then she was arrested.

That was last Friday.

By Monday morning she was dead in the Waller County Jail. Of suicide.

From the Texas Tribune
Late Tuesday, DPS released dashboard camera video of the stop, which showed in graphic detail Trooper Brian Encinia losing his temper, threatening to Taser Bland and ultimately arresting her after she refused to put out a cigarette and come out of her vehicle.
"Get out of the car, now!" Encinia is seen yelling. "I will light you up." Bland is combative during much of the encounter, demanding answers from Encinia, calling him names and disobeying his instructions.
Three days later, Bland was found hanged to death inside the Waller County Jail. Her death was ruled a suicide by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences and the autopsy report, which has not been released, was forwarded to Waller County authorities who plan to take Bland's case to a grand jury.

More from the Texas Tribune
According to the mental health questionnaire filled out by the Waller County Sheriff's office during her booking, a deputy marked "yes" to the question: "Have you ever attempted suicide?"
The deputy also wrote "Lost Baby" and "2015" in the boxes next to that answer.
Bland also indicated to the jailers that she had suffered a loss with the death of a godmother, and that she had been diagnosed with epilepsy and was taking an anti-seizure medication.
However, she was not placed on monitoring as a suicide risk during her three days in in jail, according to the sheriff and district attorney's offices. Using a standardized grid of risk factors, jailers classified Bland as a "medium" risk of assault or escape.

Now people are questioning whether Sandra was already deceased in her mugshot photo, pointing out that she looks lifeless and appears to be lying down, plus she is already wearing an orange jumpsuit. However, we know that she spoke to a local friend from her cell this weekend, and possibly family members. So it's unlikely the photo was taken of an already-deceased woman, but so far this case is so strange that anything is actually possible.

To make matters even worse, when the state of Texas released the video of the arrest and altercation, the video had clearly been edited in a strange way, while the audio is never cut. So far they are just claiming technical "uploading difficulties." Then they released a video that was 3 minutes shorter...

Original Dashcam Video Released
Longer, With Anomalies and Cuts

2nd Version Released the Next Day
Without Cuts, Shorter


Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump Attacks McCain's Military Record

 photo Trump-McCain_1.png

So Donald Trump is mouthing off now at people who aren't even running against him! He decided to attack ex-GOP nominee John McCain who last ran for the presidency in 2008 and lost to Barack Obama, saying that McCain wasn't a war hero because he was captured. 

This kooky statement might hurt Trump to an extent, considering the outpouring of support for Chattanooga after the murder of five military men. The other GOP candidates now have to decide whether to let it go or stand up for McCain, who is unpopular with the Tea Party and considered an establishment RINO (Republican in Name Only). But of course Jeb and the gang are a bunch of hypocrites no matter what they say because they loved it when John Kerry was attacked by the Swiftboaters back in the day.

Oh how sad, the GOP is in a sticky situation. Make more popcorn!

From Politico
“He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”
The remarks, which came after days of back-and-forth between McCain and Trump, were met with scattered boos.
McCain, a former Navy pilot, spent roughly five-and-half years in a notorious North Vietnamese prison known as the “Hanoi Hilton,” where he was repeatedly tortured. He spent two of those years in solitary confinement.
. . . He also continued his attacks on the Arizona senator, saying, “I think John McCain’s done very little for the veterans. I’m very disappointed in John McCain.”

John McCain had this reply:
“It’s very bad,” the Republican senator said. “This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain said. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

Doubling down, Trump refused to apologize for his remarks.

Tripling down, Trump then called McCain a Dummy - you can't make this stuff up!

Trump vs. the Mexican Drug Lord

 photo donald-trump-memes_5.jpg

About two weeks ago, a Mexican Drug Lord named Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman escaped from prison through a tunnel under the jail.

Donald Trump, who loves to rant about Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists seized the opportunity to go after El Chapo on Twitter.

A few days later, the Trump camp said that their fearless leader had received threats on Twitter in the name of El Chapo:

. . . he FBI is investigating threatening tweets to the U.S. Republican presidential candidate purported to have originated from Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, a notorious Mexican drug lord who escaped from prison on Saturday.
Reuters could not confirm the authenticity of the Twitter accounts from which the threats were allegedly made.
Trump, a real estate billionaire who has generated controversy by saying many illegal immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists, said in a statement on Sunday that "corrupt Mexican officials" had let Guzman escape.
A Twitter account made out in the kingpin's name, Joaquin Guzman Loera, that on Sunday had celebrated his escape sent a message threatening Trump if he continued to speak out.
"Keep screwing (with us) and I'm going to make you eat your f***ing words you lousy white fa**ot," said the Twitter account with the user name @ElChap0Guzman.

At an awards show, a rapper called Pitbull taunted Trump and told him to "watch out for El Chapo," also adding that Trump should never be President:

Later Pitbull explained via Fusion:
“Donald Trump doesn’t become Donald Trump by being ignorant,” he told Ramos. “What I think about Trump is he found a button that he likes, he sees that it got people real mad and hot, and he’s gonna keep pushing it.”
Pitbull said that what Trump is doing will have consequences–Mr. Worldwide doesn’t intend to help make the presidential candidate’s wallet any bigger.
“No, I wouldn’t be able to go to his hotels,” Pitbull said. “I just can’t. I can’t for the simple fact that you’re speaking about a culture that I ride, I die for. This culture’s the only reason I’m having this conversation right now.”

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chattanooga Mourns Military Deaths

 photo ChattanoogaSTrong.jpg

On Thursday, July 16, 2015, a lone shooter went on a rampage in Chattanooga, Tennessee, targeting Military Recruitment offices. When it was over half the city and state was suddenly on lockdown, and the entire world was watching.

Four Marines died that day, while a wounded Navy Reservist succumbed to his wounds a few days later. A total of six people died, including the shooter, who was killed by police on the scene.

Chattanooga is my hometown, and it is no exaggeration that this crime put all Tennesseans in a state of shock. I had just been at Erlanger hospital that morning for short procedure. After that my husband and I drove home past the Lee Highway recruitment center, just remarking on what a pretty day it was and how green the trees were, and chatting about what to have for breakfast. After a leisurely meal we went home and five minutes later discovered that the shootings had occurred, the hospital was on lockdown, and police were in a manhunt for the killer on Amnicola Highway near our son's college, Chattanooga State. And people were possibly dead.

Later I would find out that the shooter, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, attended my alma mater, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, just a few miles from where the four Marines were shot, and where my youngest is working towards a similar Engineering degree. He attended high school with my future son-in-law, who owns a copy of the Yearbook in which he wrote “My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do? -Hijabman.”

If this shooter had wanted just to kill citizens, he could have shot at cars on the highway, or shot at students and families on the Riverwalk, or shot through the windows of any restaurant. But he clearly targeted the military and the police. He had a plan - we could all see that. This wasn't a random crime, but an act of terrorism.

We still don't know everything about him, but we know that he lived among us as a Chattanoogan all his life and then one day, for whatever twisted reason, he woke up and decided to kill regular folks only because they wore military uniforms. For someone who didn't want to be judged by his own name, it is the ultimate act of selfish hypocrisy.

 photo Chattanooga-Marines-ChattTimes.jpg

From CNN
People who knew Abdulazeez were stunned to hear he was the man who sprayed a military recruiting center at a strip mall with bullets, then drove seven miles to assault Navy Operational Support Center Chattanooga. He killed a sailor and four Marines, and wounded two more people, before being killed by police.
Friends described Abdulazeez as a once-devoted, disciplined mixed-martial-arts fighter; a top student known for smarts, charm and humor; and a devout Muslim who kept in touch with his roots in the Middle East.
The FBI hasn't released much information on Abdulazeez, saying it doesn't yet know what motivated the bloodshed but it is working on an assumption. "We will treat this as a terrorism investigation until it can be determined that it is not," FBI Special Agent Edward Reinhold said.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tweet Sampler ~ #OMGJadeHelm

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pic source:

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Devin Pike of Dallas, Texas, known on Twitter as @justdevin found a new way to enjoy the Jade Helm (Non)-Invasion of Texas: he is live-tweeting his own internment in one of Emperor Obama's FEMA re-education camps - or possibly a Wal-Mart.

Best. Thing. Ever. :)

Devin Pike's #OMGJadeHelm Storify

Here is a sampler from Devin Pike and others on hashtag #OMGJadeHelm

Thursday, July 16, 2015

#JadeHelm After 24 Hours - Crickets

Legend of Sleepy Hollow photo TheLegendofSleepyHollow5.gif

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One day into the Jade Helm 15 Military invasion of Texas and . . . nothing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

President Obama Signs Historic Iran Deal - GOP Throws Tantrum

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President Obama signed a historic agreement with Iran and other world leaders.

From CNN
"Today after two years of negotiation the United States together with the international community has achieved something that decades of animosity has not: a comprehensive long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon," Obama said from the White House, with Vice President Joe Biden at his side.
"This deal is not built on trust. It's built on verification," Obama said Tuesday.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also praised the deal, speaking after Obama finished, as televisions in Iran broadcast the U.S. President's statement live, translated into Farsi.
"Negotiators have reached a good agreement and I announce to our people that our prayers have come true," Rouhani said in a live address to the nation following Obama.
The essential idea behind the deal is that in exchange for limits on its nuclear activities, Iran would get relief from sanctions while being allowed to continue its atomic program for peaceful purposes.

Complete Iran Deal Press Conference with President Obama 1-15-2015

ABC's Jon Karl, well-known GOP tool, tried to make it political and ask about Donald Trump, and Obama waved him off:

CBS News reporter Major Garrett tried to start a Benghazi-like controversy by asking whether the President even cared about hostages in Iran and he got a smackdown from the President.

"The notion that I'm 'content' as I celebrate, with American citizens languishing in Iranian jails? 
Major, that's nonsense. 
And you should know better."
~ President Obama

Turns out, both Karl and Garret may have been asking about hostages because Trump brought the issue up on MSNBC's Morning Joe. He also said the President and John Kerry should have read his book, "The Art of the Deal."

Trump, Via RealClearPolitics
Well, they didn't read The Art of the Deal. Most people did, they didn't. It's a ridiculous deal. Even a thing like, you know, nuclear's so important and stopping nuclear proliferation, which just as likely will enhance, but so important.
But something like at the beginning when they were discussing it, we had three prisoners, we now have four prisoners.
Automatically you say, listen, not going to do you any good, release the prisoners would send a great signal to everybody.
You don't care about them, but we do, important for the United States. Just release the prisoners. Now, if that's deliver by the right messenger, they would have done it a long time ago. Amazingly, they -- I don't think that Kerry brought it up.

That GOP champion, Benjamin Netanyahu,is not a happy camper with the President either:

Senator Marco Rubio agrees with Bibi:

Mike Huckabee cries "Shame!" Apparently world peace bothers him more than his friends (like Josh Duggar) who molest little girls.

Lindsey Graham is just overwhelmed by the Iran Deal.

Jeb Bush sought to contrast his view with Hillary
using some "Presidential" looking graphics:

Ted Cruz fell back on the old "On Day One" promise.
(Which never worked for Mitt, but oh well...)

Chris Christie - It's a "dangerous game"