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#JadeHelm ~ Russians, Anthrax and a Doomsday Plane - Update: Bluebell Ice Cream Trucks

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And so it begins . . . #JadeHelm15, the military operation that is making heads explode all over the Southwest. I believe the Military may be doing a psy-op on people like Alex Jones and his listeners to bring the real loonies out into the open. It's working!

The Jade Helm 16 Information Facebook has 25,000 followers.
Operation Jade Helm and Beyond has 60,000 followers
Jade Helm 15 Martial Law has 12,000 followers.

And that's only a fraction of the crazy out there.

According to one Facebook, Russia wants to save Texans from the Evil Obama Invasion, and they are working with China to mount their own invasion from the south. No, really! I saw it on the Internet!

More news folks- This is not disinformation.. A portion of the Black Sea fleet is in the Atlantic a couple miles from us waters..the rest is refueling and taking on drinking water near Spain and headed this way.. The Russian "carrier killer" loaded with nuclear weapons is leading the pack with 10 subs and a sub wreckage recovery vessel. And unknown to the main of US citizens, Russian aircraft have been doing recon on the West Coast and Alaska.
This is in direct response to the US/NATO occupation of the Black Sea during Russia's problems with Crimea. Russia is not 100% for the people but it has stated it will back and protect any states deciding to leave the US Obama regime... That is why the Armed Forces haven't been prepping 100% for overtaking US citizens for it's under the idea of Russian naval and China/Mexico coming up from the south to help Texas and move north..
~ Jade Helm 15 Information Facebook

As an American how do we know the people controlling this site are American, and have the best interest of Americans. Are you just Russians and Chinness playing war of the world's on Facebook? If we can't trust our own troops how can we trust a random Facebook page who has all this proof with no proof?
~ Hillbilly B. on Jade Helm 15 Information Facebook

There's also the scary "Doomsday Plane" flying around - that must mean it's Doomsday, right?

Wake Up 'Merica!!!!!!

New World Order! I try to educate people on this all the time but they think I'm crazy. Keep living in your bubbles people. The government tries to dumb us down by feeding the media with focus on racial wars, confederate flag drama, same sex marriage and the obvious technology, new cell phones and "pretty" new electronics you can have. If everyone focuses on all that nonsense, then they are not paying attention to the shady things the government is really up to!! WAKE UP AMERICA!
~ Angie on Jade Helm 15 Information Facebook

It could be the Anthrax spread by spread by evil (Bluebell) Ice Cream Trucks or something. Get dibs on a plastic coffin now!

The Lord gave me a vision of Jade Helm and I saw military vehicles blocking the streets in major cities so that no one can come in or go out. I was wondering why they were blocking the streets and it came in my spirit that it was a quarantine. And that would be caused by some sort of disease outbreak, then I heard the word "Anthrax". So I looked it up and found out it is the best choice for biological warfare because its easy to produce and the spores can survive just about anything. It can survive extreme cold, extreme heat. It can be spread through the air, like from an airplane, through the water and can grow in the dirt on land. Just a small amount can kill thousands of people.
Then I thought about the plastic coffins they are stockpiling in which I heard would most likely be used in the case of disease and pestilence. It explains the ice cream trucks and the incinerator trucks and may even explain why there is no water in my dream and why so many people are saying the water will be poisoned because It will become contaminated. I have read that even boiling the water will not kill the spores. Jade Helm starts July 15th and runs through september 15th so it could be anytime when it is done, however there are some indications that the time for the rapture must be now.
~ Visionary Carole S. on Operation Jade Helm and Beyond

Update: Apparently Evil Forces put the Texas-based Bluebell Ice Cream company out of business to steal their trucks for #JadeHelm.

Or it's just about putting Americans in Concentration Camps - haven't we been saying that for nearly 8 years? It has to come true someday or else . . . we might be . . . you know . . . CRAZY!

The ultimate goal of Jade Helm is to train troops to control American citizens: Rounding them up, putting them in camps, isolating troublemakers, etc.
In this exercise, Americans are the enemy.
Are there still folks who do not see this?
~ T-Bone Texan on Free Republic

It's sad when your called a nut or a conspiracy loony just for demanding transparency from the worst government this country has ever seen.
~ Joel G. on Jade Helm 15 Martial Law Facebook

I have absolutely no trust for our current government....I have wondered if all of this talk about flags, etc. (i.e. Confederate Flag, Confederate Monuments) is just a diversion to keep Jade Helm out of the news.
~ William M. on Operation Jade Helm and Beyond Facebook

Body bags, mobile morgues, concrete tombs, body disposal units, CDC warning of epidemic, mass supplies of ammuntion, missiles, missile launchers, military tanks, foreign soldiers. Nah nothing going on here go drink your koolaid.
~ Norma B. on Operation Jade Helm and Beyond Facebook

Above all, Keep Obama Off Mah Land!!!

My only real concern is that if they are traveling through, 'both public and private land,' are they going to do so by cutting the fence on my property? Yes, I realize this article only says public land, but what the govt. has said is both public and private... There just isn't THAT much public land in Texas. Is an Abrams going to roll through my ranch/let all of my exotics out? Who'll pay for the tens of thousands of dollars that they're worth? I know my ranch house gets used as a waypoint (or target maybe) for T-38 training jets, so it's 100% conceivable that it'd be included in this.
~ comment by JWP on the Houston Chronicle

If they maneuver through my private property, you will read about me in the papers the next day.
~ jy8z on Free Republic

Oh, it's just generally due to Obama. Just everything!

So much for the First Amendment under imam Barack Hussein Obama!
. . . cutting off the press seems to me to be a smoke screen for what is really going on behind the scenes. And make no mistake, Barack Hussein Obama knows exactly what he's doing, but like his birth certificate, Social Security number and Selective Service form, he will not allow the truth to come to light. He is, therefore, guilty of hypocrisy when he tells others, "The only people that don't want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide."
~ Tim Brown on

Under normal circumstances this would be just another summer military exercise, granted much larger than normal. But these are not normal times with the current occupant of the White House and with the current government we have in Washington D.C. Obama hates America and is doing everything in his power and many things illegally and outside his power to destroy her (see "fundamentally transform"). And unfortunately he is succeeding. So real Americans don't trust Obama any further than they can throw an Army tank. They have a right to be suspicious of this guy and his motives. So the lefties out their can make fun of real Americans all they want, makes no difference to me. But Americans better watch out for this guy. He's not done yet.
~ GrandpaTX on the Houston Chronicle

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