Thursday, May 7, 2015

Michele Bachmann Thinks Obama is the Anti-Christ and the Devil

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Isn't Michele Bachmann retiring from office? Oh wait - she's still here, unfortunately, and preaching that Obama is bringing about the end of the World.

LIke many a wingnut, Bachmann sees President Obama as the evil Anti-Christ, just persecutin' Christians day and night, and hatin' on Israel. And now that he's in cahoots with Iran, he's not only probably Gay and Kenyan, he's going to bring on the End of Days, the Rapture, and the Middle East Apocalypse just because he can. Who knew Presidents had these special powers? Oh wait, he must be THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama is The DEVIL
Like David Puddy on Seinfeld
with Hockey Facepaint
And Bachmann is the Superstitious Priest
Who yells "El Diablo!"

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What Bachmann said, Via Raw Story
“If we actually turn our back on Israel as we have seen Barack Obama do today, if that happens then I think we will see a scale and a level of push back in the United States, negative consequences,” Bachmann told Understanding the Times radio host Jan Markell on Sunday. “I don’t know what they are, but I believe that the Bible is true. And believe what the Bible says is that our nation and the people of our nation will reap a whirlwind, and we could see economic disasters, natural disasters.”

The President got some revenge by poking fun at Bachmann during the Washington Correspondent's Dinner:

"Michele Bachmann predicted I would bring about the biblical end of days. Now that's big. ... Lincoln, Washington — they didn't do that."

Of course Bachmann replied as a true "Victimized Christian" only she didn't point the finger directly at the President this time
“The Bible is filled with exciting information about living life today and in the future, both in this life and in the life to come,” Bachmann told WND (World Net Daily). “Any message that brings people closer to God’s wonderful plans for our lives is a good thing.
“God’s word is true and brings freedom and wholeness to all who read it and believe in Him.”

The feud prompted one of Bachmann's wingnut supporters to call Obama a dubious name:

Via RightWingWatch
“Trunews” host Rick Wiles is joining other right-wing pundits in taking offense at President Obama’s joke at the White House Correspondents' Dinner about ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann...
. . . Wiles attacked the “uncircumcised philistine in the White House” along with the “adoring, obedient, subservient, lapdog news reporters” who attended the dinner. (In 1 Samuel, David refers to Goliath as the “uncircumcised philistine” who seeks to “defy the armies of the living God”).
He said that Obama is just as “evil” as King Sennacherib, who went to war with Judah, and similarly is “leading people into sin against God.”

Yeah, talking about a fellow Christian's anatomy shows where this guy's head is at. If you want to see a Pharisee, buddy, scroll up the page to Bachmann's picture, then look in the mirror, pal.

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