Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Troll Chuck C. Johnson Banned from Twitter for Threatening Ferguson Activist


Right Wing troublemaker and troll-supreme Chuck C. Johnson has been banned from his main account for offering money to "take out" Ferguson civil rights activist DeRay McKesson.

From Politico
Johnson was suspended on Sunday after soliciting support to “take out” DeRay McKesson, a civil rights activist. Johnson and his lawyers argue that he is a victim of censorship, and have threatened legal action. “Twitter doesn’t seem to have a problem with people using their service to coordinate riots,” Johnson wrote on his blog Sunday. “But they do have a problem with the kind of journalism I do.”
A self-described "radical” and “revolutionary," Johnson is known for ginning up controversy with false accusations. He wrongly accused two New York Times reporters of revealing the address of the police officer in the Ferguson shooting. He wrongly accused another Times reporter of posing for Playgirl. He wrongly claimed that Sen. Cory Booker did not live in Newark when he served as that city’s mayor. On one occasion, he was temporarily suspended from Twitter after posting photos of someone he claimed had been exposed to Ebola. His most high-profile moment came when he rightly cast doubt on the Rolling Stone article about the University of Virginia rape accusations. Then he threatened to expose the student who made the accusations, attacked her on social media and published a photo of a woman he thought was her -- but wasn't. Johnson has also suggested that President Obama is gay.

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Twitter also took the threat seriously and banned Johnson's account, but he is such a rabid troll that he had to push back, of course.

From GotNews: "Suspended from Twitter for Journalism"
I am an award-winning journalist who has exposed frauds, ended careers, and been profiled in major publications. And now I’m trending on Twitter while my account, @chuckcjohnson, is suspended on Twitter.
Last night I tweeted that I was interested in doing some research on the twitter user, @deray a.k.a. DeRay McKesson.
@Deray is a leader of the anti-cop astroturfing currently hitting the inner city black community.
I’ve already exposed the activist, @ShaunKing, for being a fraud and potentially stealing some money from Tamir Rice. And I’ve been working with the ATF to bring justice to Michael Brown’s pastor who burned down his own church. I sued on my own dime to get Michael Brown’s juvenile records (which we are appealing to the Missouri Supreme Court.)
Of course I knew this would happen. Twitter has a serious problem with investigative journalism that breaks the mold.

Yeah, "award-winning journalist" who likes to threaten people. Otherwise known as a troll-bully.

Wonkette recently referred to Johnson as "Award-Winning Journalist and walking underpants stain Chuck C. Johnson."

Some may remember Chuck C. Johnson for his meddling and rabble-rousing during the Mississippi GOP Senate Primary last year, as he accused incumbent Republican Senator Thad Cochran of bribing black people to vote for him. Johnson was trying to help far-right Tea Partier Chris McDaniel, who lost to Cochran but refused to concede for weeks, spurred on by trolls like Johnson.

From Talking Points Memo
...It was the latest twist in the rancorous, messy feud enveloping the Mississippi GOP — and Johnson was right in the middle of it. He followed up the story, which was published on his own website, gotnews, with an avalanche of defiant tweets.
"You establishment hacks do know that I've been threatened with lawsuits, death threats before, right?" he wrote in one. "I planned on this."
He took on former Mitt Romney strategist Stuart Stevens, now a Cochran adviser, who mocked the bribery allegations and referred to Johnson as a "fringe" blogger. Johnson said Stevens had "praised" him in the past and threatened to publish private direct messages between the two.
All the while, Johnson engaged in relentless self-promotion. He bragged that his story had been picked up by the likes of Fox News, Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh (although he lamented that Sean Hannity didn't cite him by name.)

Chuck C. Johnson is not to be confused with Charles Johnson of the democratic blog Little Green Footballs, and indeed the two men have become online sparring partners thanks to their similar names and opposite aims. Now Johnson is accusing the other Johnson of getting him banned from Twitter:

From Charles Johnson on Little Green Footballs’s the real kicker: Chuck seems to think I control Twitter now.
“It’s probably that loser over at Little Green Footballs,” Johnson said. “The guy has been stalking me for months for having the same name. It’s sad that Twitter has joined the censorship campaign but unsurprising. I’ve been fighting censors since I edited the high school newspaper. I’ve never lost. I’ll win this fight, too.”
I hope he doesn’t shoot me.

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