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Justice Scalia Says Voting Rights Act a Product of "Racial Entitlement"


JUSTICE SCALIA: Well, maybe it was making that judgment, Mr. Verrilli. But that’s — that’s a problem that I have. This Court doesn’t like to get involved in — in racial questions such as this one. It’s something that can be left — left to Congress.

The problem here, however, is suggested by the comment I made earlier, that the initial enactment of this legislation in a — in a time when the need for it was so much more abundantly clear was — in the Senate, there — it was double-digits against it. And that was only a 5-year term.

Then, it is reenacted 5 years later, again for a 5-year term. Double-digits against it in the Senate. Then it was reenacted for 7 years. Single digits against it. Then enacted for 25 years, 8 Senate votes against it. And this last enactment, not a single vote in the Senate against it. And the House is pretty much the same. Now, I don’t think that’s attributable to the fact that it is so much clearer now that we need this.  
I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement. It’s been written about. Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.

I don’t think there is anything to be gained by any Senator to vote against continuation of this act. And I am fairly confident it will be reenacted in perpetuity unless — unless a court can say it does not comport with the Constitution. You have to show, when you are treating different States differently, that there’s a good reason for it.

That’s the — that’s the concern that those of us who — who have some questions about this statute have. It’s — it’s a concern that this is not the kind of a question you can leave to Congress. There are certain districts in the House that are black districts by law just about now. And even the Virginia Senators, they have no interest in voting against this. The State government is not their government, and they are going to lose — they are going to lose votes if they do not reenact the Voting Rights Act.

Even the name of it is wonderful: The Voting Rights Act. Who is going to vote against that in the future?


It was unreal, unbelievable, almost shocking, for a member of the court to use certain language/
. . . It is an affront to all of what the civil rights movement stood for, what people died for, what people bled for, and those of us who marched across that bridge 48 years ago, we didn’t march for some racial entitlement. We wanted to open up the political process, and let all of the people come in, and it didn’t matter whether they were black or white, Latino, Asian-American or Native American.
. . . (the right to vote is) precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent instrument that we have in a democratic society. And if the courts come to that point where they declare this section, section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, unconstitutional, it would be a dagger in the heart of the democratic process.
~ Congressman and Civil Rights Freedom Fighter, John Lewis

There were audible gasps in the Supreme Court’s lawyers’ lounge, where audio of the oral argument is pumped in for members of the Supreme Court bar, when Justice Antonin Scalia offered his assessment of a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. He called it a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.”
~ ThinkProgress

The arguments that we heard this morning gives us cause to pause and hope that we will not have to return to the streets to secure voting rights.
~ Reverend Al Sharpton at the Rosa Parks Statue Dedication today in Washington DC, via Addicting Info

The friggin' right to vote now is an "entitlement" like Medicare or Food Stamps.
Well no, it's not actually. Under the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, the right of citizens of the United States to Vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or pre-existing condition of servitude. Well, that amendment was ratified back in 1870 under the Administration of President Grant, one of my heroes, actually.
But we all know it was put into effect after a century of poll taxes, literacy tests, and other gimmicks to keep blacks from voting only because of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
Yes, Justice Scalia, it has a wonderful name, as you put it.
And the reason is not the words or the spelling or the English language in which this Act is written or spoken about.
No sir, it's about its meaning.
That the United States Congress will ensure that people get to vote in places where they weren't before.
And that, sadly, does not refer only to the segregation of the past. It refers to people out there in state capitals today, sitting in bars and over poker tables, shouting out their latest gimmick to smother the electoral impact of blacks living in large cities from Harrisburg to Tallahassee.
They outbid each other with reptilic glee over their latest legislative squirm to convert electoral majorities into electoral minorities by denying blacks the right to vote.
~ Chris Matthews on Hardball

Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act doesn't represent the 'perpetuation of racial entitlement,' as Justice Scalia states. Rather, it is one of the most important tools we have for confronting the entitlement of those who believe some people's votes and voices should matter more than others ... I hope that Scalia's fellow justices will approach this issue more thoughtfully, and with a greater awareness of the reality in their country.
~ Minister Leslie Watson Malachi, director of People for the American Way Foundation's African American Ministers Leadership Council

We disagree with Justice Antonin Scalia, who today referred to the renewal of the Voting Rights Act as the 'perpetuation of a racial entitlement,' as if racial discrimination has ended. In the past two years alone, six of the nine states fully covered by Section 5 passed restrictions that would have made it harder for people of color to vote, and many of these were blocked thanks to Section 5. The Voting Rights Act is not an 'entitlement.' It is a critically needed protection for our most fundamental right.
~ Judith Browne-Dianis of The Advancement Project


GOP Hack Bob Woodward Self-Destructs While Jumping the Shark ~ UPDATED with Debunkery


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Snark Amendment: Republican Hack Bob Woodward Blames Obama for the Sequester


The full text of the e-mail exchange has been leaked and is available at Politico. Word for word, it is loyal to Woodward’s recitation. But its tone is toothless. Sperling closes this way: “My apologies again for raising my voice on the call with you. Feel bad about that and truly apologize.” Woodward pings back: “Gene: You do not ever have to apologize to me. You get wound up because you are making your points and you believe them.”
So much for the White House “threatening” Woodward, as the Internet would have us believe. Nor does the you-will-regret-this language look like part of a communications policy on part of the White House. It looks like a reporter and a source disagreeing on some really tedious, really important policy points.
~ Eric Wemple on Washington Post

Bob Woodward trolled us (and we got played)
Bob Woodward revealed that White House official had warned him he would “regret” saying Obama had moved the goal posts on sequestration.
Predictably, conservatives latched onto this, as it confirmed our suspicion about the Obama Administration’s “Chicago-style” of politics. A lot of mainstream journalists bought into this, too — reflexively believing anything the great Bob Woodward says.
Of course, Woodward (who was expert at trolling for publicity before the internet even existed), benefits greatly from the publicity (nothing sells books like controversy).
But today, things look different. P0litico has posted the exclusive email from Gene Sperling to Woodward. It begins, “I apologize for raising my voice in our conversation today.”
(Frightening, I know!)
~ Daily Caller

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From Business Insider
The Washington Post's Bob Woodward ripped into President Barack Obama on "Morning Joe" today, saying he's exhibiting a "kind of madness I haven't seen in a long time" for a decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf because of budget concerns.

"Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and saying, 'Oh, by the way, I can't do this because of some budget document?'" Woodward said.

"Or George W. Bush saying, 'You know, I'm not going to invade Iraq because I can't get the aircraft carriers I need?'" Or even Bill Clinton saying, 'You know, I'm not going to attack Saddam Hussein's intelligence headquarters,' ... because of some budget document?"

. . . "Under the Constitution, the President is commander-in-chief and employs the force. And so we now have the President going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement. 'I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country,'" Woodward said.

"That’s a kind of madness that I haven't seen in a long time," he said.

CNN Transcript Wed. 2-27-2013, Woodward and Wolf Blitzer
BLITZER: It's getting pretty nasty. Take us behind the scenes a little bit. The allegations being hurled against you right now.
WOODWARD: Well, I mean...
BLITZER: You're used to this kind of stuff, but...

BLITZER: ... share with our viewers what's going on between you and the White House.

WOODWARD: Well, they're -- they're not happy at all, and some people kind of, you know, said, "Look, we don't see eye to eye on this."
They never really said, though, afterwards -- they've said that this is factually wrong, and they -- and it was said to me in an e- mail by a top...

BLITZER: What was -- what was said?
WOODWARD: It was -- it was said very clearly, "You will regret doing this."
BLITZER: Who sent that e-mail to you?
WOODWARD: Well, I'm not going to say.

BLITZER: Was it a senior person at the White House?

WOODWARD: A very senior person. And just as a matter -- I mean, it makes me very uncomfortable to have the White House telling reporters, "You're going to regret doing something that you believe in, and even though we don't look at it that way, you do look at it that way."
And it's, I think if Barack Obama knew that was part of the communication's strategy -- let's hope it's not a strategy, that it's a tactic that somebody's employed -- and said, look, we don't go around trying to say to reporters, "If you, in an honest way, present something we don't like, that, you know, you're going to regret this." And just -- it's Mickey Mouse.


The White House official whom Bob Woodward charged had crosssed a line by saying he would "regret" printing his version of a set of Washington negotiations was Gene Sperling, the director of the White House Economic Council, a source familiar with the exchange told BuzzFeed Wednesday.
. . . The aide "yelled at me for about a half hour," Woodward said, and then sent a follow-up email that read, in part: "You're focusing on a few specific trees that give a very wrong impression of the forest. But perhaps we will just not see eye to eye here. … I think you will regret staking out that claim."
Officials often threaten reporters that they will "regret" printing something that is untrue, but Woodward took the remark as a threat.
~ Ben Smith on Buzzfeed

Sperling wasn't even saying that Woodward would "regret" publishing whatever he planned to publish because Sperling would get him back for it later. He was saying Woodward would regret it because Woodward would be proven wrong.
~ Henry Blodget on Business Insider

Inside the Woodward Fainting Couch!
So was Sperling threatening to sic the black helicopters on Woodward and like fully take him out? The blog and twitter-hordes of the right think so. And they’re circling round Woodward tonight in a glorious defense.
The White House denies it. A White House official tells us: “Of course no threat was intended. As Mr. Woodward noted, the email from the aide was sent to apologize for voices being raised in their previous conversation. The note suggested that Mr. Woodward would regret the observation he made regarding the sequester because that observation was inaccurate, nothing more. And Mr. Woodward responded to this aide’s email in a friendly manner.”
~ Josh Marshall on Talking Points Memo

Bob Woodward is officially shaming himself trying to prove that the sequester standoff is President Obama’s fault. First he blamed Obama for the failed debt ceiling deal of July 2011, proclaiming in his incredibly biased book: “[P]residents work their will—or should work their will—on the important matters of national business. Obama has not.” How the president could have worked his will on the crackpot Tea Party GOP caucus, he doesn’t say.
. . . Now he’s claiming the president alone has the power to avert disaster by ignoring the sequester, particularly its steep defense cuts, and doing … I don’t know what.
. . . There is madness afoot here, but it’s Woodward’s.
~ Joan Walsh on Salon

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Chuck Hagel Confirmed ~ A Good Day for Friends of Hamas


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From ThinkProgress
The Senate on Tuesday voted to confirm Chuck Hagel to become the next Secretary of Defense, just hours after the upper chamber of Congress broke the Republican-led filibuster of Hagel’s nomination.
The final vote was 58-41. Four Republicans joined the Democrats in voting for Hagel: Sens. Mike Johanns (NE), Thad Cochran (MS), Richard Shelby (AL), and in a surprise move, Rand Paul (KY), who voted against cloture earlier today. Eighteen Republicans supported the cloture motion to bring about the up-or-down vote this afternoon.

Chuck Hagel in 90 seconds, via Mashable



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Republican Hack Bob Woodward Blames Obama for Sequester


Republican Bob Woodward in The Washington Post
Misunderstanding, misstatements and all the classic contortions of partisan message management surround the sequester, the term for the $85 billion in ugly and largely irrational federal spending cuts set by law to begin Friday.

What is the non-budget wonk to make of this? Who is responsible? What really happened?

. . . Obama personally approved of the plan for Lew and Nabors to propose the sequester to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). They did so at 2:30 p.m. July 27, 2011, according to interviews with two senior White House aides who were directly involved.

Nabors has told others that they checked with the president before going to see Reid. A mandatory sequester was the only action-forcing mechanism they could devise. Nabors has said, “We didn’t actually think it would be that hard to convince them” — Reid and the Republicans — to adopt the sequester. “It really was the only thing we had. There was not a lot of other options left on the table.”

. . . So when the president asks that a substitute for the sequester include not just spending cuts but also new revenue, he is moving the goal posts. His call for a balanced approach is reasonable, and he makes a strong case that those in the top income brackets could and should pay more. But that was not the deal he made.

The White House pushback is a classic case of distortion and confusion. We unfortunately have seen this too often in recent presidential history. First, the White House spent months denying paternity for the sequester. To Jay Carney's credit, he acknowledged [Tuesday] it was their ‘idea.’ [Carney: ‘The sequester was something that was discussed, and as has been reported, it was an idea that the White House put forward because it was put forward by Republican Senator Gramm and Rudman back in the ‘80s as part of the Gramm-Rudman deal -- there is a history here to this.’] But they do not want to talk about that now. The rest of the White House statement reflects a confusion of chronology. I do not think it is willful. They are just mixed up, surprisingly so.
~ Bob Woodward in an email to Politico

The argument is silly.
You can't start a discussion about the sequester without starting with the broader context. The sequester was offered during the GOP's unprecedented threat to not raise the debt ceiling, potentially putting the U.S. into default.
If offering spending cuts two years down the road is the only way to avoid such a calamity then a U.S. President should offer that 100 times out of 100. But is it really Obama's "fault"? The sequester wouldn't even be a term anyone knows if it weren't for the debt ceiling nonsense.
~ Joe Wiesenthal on Business Insider

To argue that the White House is "moving the goal posts" when it now asks for revenue in a sequestration replacement, you have to toss out the fact that the White House always wanted revenue in the supercommittee's sequestration replacement. This isn't confusing unless reporters make it confusing.
~ David Weigel on Slate

I don’t agree with my colleague Bob Woodward, who says the Obama administration is “moving the goalposts” when they insist on a sequester replacement that includes revenues. I remember talking to both members of the Obama administration and the Republican leadership in 2011, and everyone was perfectly clear that Democrats were going to pursue tax increases in any sequester replacement, and Republicans were going to oppose tax increases in any sequester replacement. What no one knew was who would win.
. . . Here in DC, we can get a bit buried in Beltway minutia. The ongoing blame game over who concocted the sequester is an excellent example. But it’s worth remembering that the goalposts in American politics aren’t set in backroom deals between politicians. They’re set in elections. And in the 2012 election, the American people were very clear on where they wanted the goalposts moved to.
~ Ezra Klein on Washington Post

. . . in this case Woodward is just dead wrong. Obama and Democrats have always insisted that a balanced mix of spending cuts and higher taxes replace sequestration. It’s true that John Boehner wouldn’t agree to include new taxes in the enforcement mechanism itself, and thus that the enforcement mechanism he and Obama settled upon — sequestration — is composed exclusively of spending cuts. But the entire purpose of an enforcement mechanism is to make sure that the enforcement mechanism is never triggered. The key question is what action it was designed to compel. And on that score, the Budget Control Act is unambiguous.
First: “Unless a joint committee bill achieving an amount greater than $1,200,000,000,000 in deficit reduction as provided in section 401(b)(3)(B)(i)(II) of the Budget Control Act of 2011 is enacted by January 15, 2012, the discretionary spending limits listed in section 251(c) shall be revised, and discretionary appropriations and direct spending shall be reduced.”
Key words: “deficit reduction.” Not “spending cuts.” If Republicans wanted to make sure sequestration would be replaced with spending cuts only, that would have been the place to make a stand. Some of them certainly tried. But that’s not what ultimately won the day.
~ Brian Beutler on Talking Points Memo

Republican Poutrage when FLOTUS appears on Oscar Night


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Big Flop ~ Tea Party Day of Resistance


Source: Florida Today Video

Conservatives and Tea Partiers plan to reignite the flame of 2010 next Saturday at rallies in cities and towns across America. The event is titled the "Day of Resistance," and head organizer Dustin Stockton told Breitbart News that February 23 was picked as the date for several reasons.
“The first is one which I’ve been getting ruthlessly abused for and that is because the AR-15 caliber is .223,” Stockton said in a phone interview. “It’s also the day that we raised the flag in Iwo Jima and it’s also a Saturday, so people who work regular hours can also attend.”

From Right Wing News
We’re calling on Tea Partiers, moderate Republicans, Libertarians and even moderate Democrats to stand up one month from today, on the 23rd of February and say, “No more!” Right Wing News is joining Dustin Stockton, Western Representation PAC and The Tea in calling for rallies all across the nation next month on the 23rd. It’ll be a Day of Resistance where gun owners and patriots can peacefully gather and show Barack Obama, the media, and the knockkneed Republicans in Congress that we may have lost a battle last November, but we haven’t lost the war. Don’t meekly give up your 2nd Amendment rights when you can stand with us and RESIST!

Was the day a flop? Haven't seen any news on anything about it
~ Judy A. on Day of Resistance Volunteer Facebook Page


The rally is supposed to be on the state capital grounds in Little Rock. Isn't concealed carry prohibited there?
Like · · February 12 at 5:14pm
Little Rock, Arkansas - Day of Resistance
No weapons are allowed on the state capital grounds

February 19 at 7:39am via mobile · Like
~ Little Rock, Arkansas, Day of Resistance Facebook

I was there today... actually thought the turnout would have been better given it was a gorgeous Saturday. Thanks to the speakers and the others who attended.
~ Little Rock Day of Resistance Facebook


Little Rock, Arkansas



There was about 8 folks who participated in some degree or another.. thanks to those who joined us. Thanks to those who honked and waved their support.
~ Alaska Day of Resistance Delta Junction Rally

I was disappointed at the turn out. I should not be. It has always been the 1% who fight for the other 99%, I suspect it has always been so!
~ Alaska Day of Resistance Delta Junction Rally

(Wasilla, Alaska) Almost 200 people showed up to hear the speakers, and to enjoy the breezy weather and the gorgeous view of the Chugach Mountains in the background of Wasilla Lake. It was about 23̊F with a 20 mph east wind off the lake.
The proceedings began with a moment of silence in respect to the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution followed by a pledge of allegiance to the Flag. Typical Tea Party fare.
It was commented that while today’s weather may have been a little brisk, it was nothing like the experience of the Continental soldiers under General George Washington at Valley Forge.
. . . There were no protestors in favor of gun control present.
~ Examiner

The rally was wonderful! About 110 people were in attendance. The guest speaker's messages touched chords in the hearts of the people. We had an open mic in which people could voice what was on their heart. The liitle chidten were wonderful with the pledge and the young ladies lifted beautiful voices! Praise the Lord!
~ Anchorage,Alaska Day of Resistance Facebook





What a successful day we had here in Phoenix! At least 1500 and amazing speakers! Thanks to everyone who came to the Day of Resistance! More pictures to come!
~ Arizona Day of Resistance Facebook Page

Loved it but I was disappointed with the turnout...hoping for a few million with the dire state our country is in:(
~ Arizona Day of Resistance Facebook Page




Over 700 proud patriotic and peaceful Californians standing up for our second amendment.
~ Sacramento Day of Resistance Facebook

Hmmm . . . 700? Really?

About 400 to 500 people gathered in Capitol Park today for a "Day of Resistance" rally set to correspond with similar gatherings across the country.
~ Modesto Bee

There were only about 200 people. Maybe 250. I was there.
~ Comment on Sacramento Bee

Pre-Rally Warning:

This is a re-post but I will keep bumping it up. The anti-gun nuts are going to be looking for ANYTHING to trip us up and discredit us. The media will be filming EVERYTHING! Dress appropriately, refrain from profanity, be prepared for questions from the media, avoid confrontation (let the Police handle it), film ANYTHING that looks suspicious, DO NOT OPEN CARRY A WEAPON TO THIS EVENT, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED! And most importantly, have fun while getting our message across!
~ Denver Day of Resistance Facebook






Any news coverage? From what I see on Google News (so far) this was the biggest rally in the country.
~ Denver Day of Resistance Facebook Page

State Patrol estimated the crowd at about 400 people. All of them were passionate about protecting what they see as an assault against the Second Amendment.
~ Fox News Denver

I'm confused, dident we just have a rally with (my guess) 1000 people just a few blocks from at least 2 tv stations? I can not find anything about it on any of the news pages. I can find a lot about some guy named oscor tho.
~ Denver Day of Resistance Facebook Page

Fox 31 played it down a bit, but at least they reported it. People at the rally say there were between 1000 - 2000 people there.
~ Denver Day of Resistance Facebook Page

Pre-Rally Colorado Open Carry Debate:

Absolutely no open carrying will be tolerated. Concealed carry is acceptable if you have your permit and it remains concealed…
~ Organizer, Denver Day of Resistance Facebook Page

No open carry? Is that against CO state law?
Why only one city? That is strange.
If it is troopers there enforcing the law, they should enforce STATE law.
~ Denver Day of Resistance Facebook Page

State Patrol has jurisdiction over the property at the State Capital (which is why THEY are security inside, etc). As it is state property, they limit firearms on said property.
As for Denver, without reviewing the ordinance, I'd bet firearms are required to be unloaded.
I see no reason to give the lame stream media footage of everyone wandering around with firearms. I saw a comment that empty holsters would signify legislation "disarming" us. .kinda liked the idea.
~ Denver Day of Resistance Facebook Page

How does the State Patrol prohibit "open carry" when the Colorado Constitution expressly guarantees everything except "concealed carry"?
~ Denver Day of Resistance Facebook Page

IT IS local ordinance in Denver County, make sure we abide by local laws and maintain respect for an HONORABLE CAUSE, please do not make ISSUE and nitpick and lose focus on the BIGGER picture,...
~ Denver Day of Resistance Facebook Page



(Melbourne, FL) Nearly 200 people gathered to show support for their right to keep and bear arms today at Pineapple Park in Eau Gallie.
~ Florida Today



Gun rights supporters at Sarasota’s “Day of Resistance” rally, held Saturday
at the bayfront. More than 50 people attended.
~ Gun-Writer Blog on The Herald Tribune

Pro 2nd Amendment Road-side Rally
Bring signs and American Flags
The Rally is on the WEST-SIDE of HWY 19... across from the Farmers Market.
There are 2 ways to get there:
1) PARK... at the BIG LOT'S SHOPPING CENTER...then cross highway at the TRENTON AVE... STOP-LIGHT... WALK NORTH 100yrds.
~ Florida Nature Coast Day of Resistance Facebook





Got to Georgia State Capitol at 11:05AM and no one was there so had an easy time parking. After about 30 minutes of walking alone in front of the Capitol steps with my Impeach Obama sign, a reporter came over from an 11 Alive News Van (WXIA Atlanta) and asked if he could interview me on camera which he did do. Then he left and drove away. A couple of police cars then arrived and parked across the street watching me, I guessed for my protection. It was a cold and windy day. I was about to leave when one man joined me asking if I had another sign which I did not (note to self). After another 30 minutes or so we were joined by two more Patriots. So Georgia was represented by us four. My interview was not shown later on the new; no surprise there. (Just watched Sunday news shows on what I call Susan Rice day where the "news" media promotes the lies of the week of the Obama administration). All in all it would probably do as much good to put on sackcloth, go to the Capital, and carry a sign "Repent. The End is Near". That may have more impact,but, I doubt it. Obama supporters did not heckle us, they politely asked if they could take our pictures, as a novelty maybe, the last of our kind.
~ from National Protests Against Obama Page, link via WCWatch on Daily Kos

National Day of Resistance, Atlanta, GA
source: facebook

So, i guess now we know what CNN was doing there....
Manufacturing sentiment... Apparently our rally today was overrun with Klansman...
~ Atlanta, GA, Day of Resistance Facebook



I made it into the square today. The sidewalks are pretty crappy still. Also, I was just made aware that you need a permit to picket and march in Macomb (sorry, I'm new to all this). So, I will be calling off the picket/ march. If you have already made posters, please bring them for photo ops. There is a slight chance WGEM news might show up to the meet and greet, and the posters might be nice for that as well. I am terribly sorry about this, but I am confident that we can still make a statement and get to make some new friends.
Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know the caterer I had lined up, fell through. I can supply weenies and buns and condiments if someone is willing to bring a bbq and grill em? The VFW will have drinks available for purchase. Let me know. Thank you!
~ Macomb, Illinois Day of Resistance



in Liberal, Kansas, on a cold cold day 143 people gathered to support the 2nd Amenement several speakers and leaders of our city joined in. Seward is the first county in Kansas to support the 2nd Amendment with it's own resulation.
~ Day of Resistance Volunteer Page






Due to it being winter, Landreth Park restrooms are "closed," Earlier this week I called to see if they could be opened, and after several phone calls they will not be open. Due to only getting a response within the last 10 mins, it is 4:30 on Friday, I have no means of securing portable facilities. Please plan according.
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

We are asking people not to OPEN carry, for several reasons. The two principal ones involving the media message we want to convey to the broader public and the issue of insurance coverage. We are hoping in the future to be able to organize an open carry rally but for now, please no OPEN carry at the event on Saturday.
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

I would suggest that those who wish to carry openly, to demonstrate their support for the 2nd Amendment, NOT to carry loaded weapons or have ammunition on them. This would be prevent anyone from prosecution, should any ordinance be passed at the last minute, and we do NOT need any accidental discharges at this event.
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

Just my two cents here, this rally is not for showing off your fancy new pistol. It is about sending a message to all of the anti gun group, and showing them that we are capable of controlling ourselves for an event to peacefully demonstrate our feelings towards gun control. People whining about open carry can carry any other time you want, arguing and complaining just sets the cause further back. Have some respect for the wishes of the organizers by following their rules, otherwise just don't attend!
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

Was it 'whining' when our founders sent the Declaration of Independence to the king?
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

The point of the rally is to oppose gun restrictions, not prove how badass we are with our guns.
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

I won't be ruining this experience for anyone. So please do not assume that that is my goal. I intend to use this opportunity to organize local men who are willing and able to do the things that will soon be necessary to do. So don't think I will be causing any issues. If anything I am on your side, we can agree on a few things I'm sure-the things we disagree about most likely will not destroy the solidarity we are striving for.
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

Don't forget the squeaky wheel gets the grease. There are more wheels than you can possibly imagine that need no grease and are ready to participate in a very positive and respectful manner. All of you squeaky wheels, be respectful of the event organizers wishes or stay home. The priority is publicly showing support for the second amendment, not publicly showing off your rifles and sidearms.
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

For all those who continue to post references to the recent debate about open-carry and who use words like "whining", "squeaky wheels" and other pejoratives: Thank you for trying to marginalize and ridicule those whose viewpoints were not the same as yours. We get enough of that from the Liberal side of the political spectrum.
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

I thank everyone for their research into Joplin Ordinances and Statutes. Yes there is No direct Open Carry Ordnance. I was required by the City to get Insurance, and due to my policy. I being the event organizer, and due to the Insurance.
I cannot condone and promote open carry at this event.
~ Organizer, SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

LOL... understood. You are officially not responsible for any actions we, on our own as adult citizens, may choose to take.
. . . And I still STRONGLY suggest that any who DO chose to exercise their Rights also exercise some good sense and leave any ammo at home. We are not looking to get into any gun battles with authorities. If they attempt to violate my rights in any way, I will not resist and will comply... and they will be cutting me a fat check when my lawyers finish with them. We do not need altercations, and certainly no accidental discharges. Imagine the propaganda our political opponents would make of such a thing happening.... it would not be pretty. Ideally the media will only be able to report that a large number of people made a peaceful demonstration and acted responsibly... including those who exercise their second amendment rights.
~ SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

I do not appreciate the attacks on other people that I am seeing. I have stepped up to organize this events. This is a public event in a City park. I expect other people to be there to use the parks recreation facilities, I want to be respectful to them and be non intimidating to them. If this were on PRIVATE Property like I would of liked it to be originally then, we wouldn't be having the technicality arguments about law and ordnance's .
To the people committing to arguing semantics, this is a PEACEFUL event you are turning it into something more than its not.
The purpose is to EDUCATE people, and to do it in a peaceful non threatening manner.
People seem to be taking it above and beyond my intent of Event Organizer.
I peacefully ask those who are arguing and attacking those involved to please calm down we are trying to accomplish this together.
The Politicians think we are ignorant idiots, and they think we are out of control people who need more laws, and from the actions of the people in this forum I think you are proving them right.
My purpose is to show them how intelligent and non-idiotic WE are.
If people continue to act idiotic and are defeating the purpose, I will ask you please don't show up on 2/23
Thank you
~ Organizer, SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

I don't understand why this is turning into a circus.
It seems people can't or won't follow simple requests.
This is beginning to look a feeding frenzy in a lions den, with no control and no direction.
Everyone is sucking the life out of this rally arguing semantics. I am trying to unite everyone in a common cause, yet people are driving wedges. I am trying to provide some form of direction. But no one can listen.
I get better cooperation from children than I find here...
I am not trying to run a campaign. This is a simple rally.
I am tired of being the bad guy.
~ Organizer, SW Missouri Day of Resistance Facebook

Anyways, a turn out of at least 150 plus....
~ Joplin, Missouri, Day of Resistance Facebook





We were considering wearing hunting gear and bringing our hunting rifles, which happen to be black! Would this alarm or concern anyone?
~ St. Cloud, Minnesota, Day of Resistance Facebook

I just talked to the police LT. Rifles and Shotguns are not allowed to be in the open within the city limits of St. Cloud. It is a city law. Handguns are Ok. but no rifles. I am sorry, and I understand it doesnt make sense. But we are the law abiding gun owners of America.
~ St. Cloud, Minnesota, Day of Resistance Facebook


New York

I was quite disappointed in the turn out in Buffalo today at Niagara Square...I would guess maybe 50 people at the most attended (and that is probably a gross overestimate). We drove 52 miles to attend the rally to show our support...I would think more people that lived closer (who didn't have such a long distance to drive) would have shown up for something as important as this....yes it was cold (even though we dressed warmly)...but we need to unite and let the government know we are serious! By the way, there were some very good impromptu speeches made at the rally.
~ Western New York Day of Resistance Facebook

Where is everyone?
~ Western New York Day of Resistance Facebook

I was very alone in Corning N.Y. today. I honestly thought more people cared about our 2nd Ammendment. My Father, who could not attend due to a doctors appointment, called and asked how is was going. I sent him a picture of just me standing there. I think he cried a little, I know I did.
~ Western New York Day of Resistance Facebook

Very sad turnout for Albany, the capitol of the state that just pushed through one of the worst offenders of our 2nd amendment. Let's hope Thursday proves much more productive and better organized or we are fighting a losing battle.
~ Western New York Day of Resistance Facebook


North Carolina:

Start gathering your American flags to wave at the event Saturday! Red, white and blue only... No rebel flags!
~ Lenoir City, NC, Day of Resistance Facebook

T-minus 15 minutes to start and 40+ people scene.
~ Lenoir City, NC, Day of Resistance Facebook

Lenoir City, NC:

Near Charlotte, NC:
source: facebook



More than 100 people gathered at LaFortune Park Saturday to defend Americans' Constitutional right to bear arms. This was part of the nationwide "Day of Resistance".
"There's always going to be violence in this world," said co-organizer James Miller. "Whether you label it with a gun or a knife or a fist or whatever kind of violence you want to call it, it's just violence in general. Outlawing a weapon won't change it."
Signs, music, flags, a petition, and even a few guns were present at the event.
~ Tulsa Channel 8

I really enjoyed the rally, but it kinda bummed me out to not see very many people there that were around my age (29) not a bad thing it just bothered me a little bit.
~ Tulsa Day of Resistance Facebook Page

Thank you so much for the GREAT rally today! Yes, the crowd could have been bigger. Yes, there could have been carnival rides and a tractor pull. There was, however, great speakers and a wonderful group of people from diverse back grounds all gathered for a common purpose: to show support for the Constitution and for those that hold office and respect the Constitution. GOOD JOB!
~ Tulsa OK Day of Resistance Facebook


I was very disappointed after attending the Day of Resistance rally at LaFortune ball park in Tulsa. The attendance was a scant two, maybe 250 people! Thinking what I had to go through to get there, I understood why so few people showed up. I sent 3 email requests to the DOR organizer site asking for information such as WHERE is LFortune park? NO RESPONSE! Nowhere was there one single posting of its address - just LaFortune Park! I looked for LaFortune Park in two different phone books, called the Tulsa police (non emergency # and got no answer), called LaFortune golf course - # disconnected, looked in Tulsa city map and found no such place. Finally when we got into Tulsa, we stopped at a QT, asked and got the address!!!!! WHY DIDN'T THE ORGANIZERS POST THE PARK'S ADDRESS? Did they assume that everybody knows where the part is?! I'll bet there were plenty others who gave up because they too couldn'd find where the park is! I highly recommend a much improved organization for the next rally, if there's going to be one! I would help.
~ Tulsa OK Day of Resistance Facebook

Holding an antique early 20th century rifle at his hip, longtime Tulsa resident Alfred B. West had one singular message to relay to lawmakers he suspects are attempting to infringe on his right to own firearms.
"They ain't going to get my guns," West said. "If (politicians) in Washington D.C. get their way, my gun will be illegal."
The former Iraq War veteran was one of many who expressed similar concerns during the national Day of Resistance rally held at LaFortune Park Saturday afternoon to show their support for the U.S. Constitution and right to bear arms.
An estimated 200 people attended the event held in conjunction with other gatherings across the country to oppose recent gun-control legislation proposals in response to several mass shootings in recent months.
~ TulsaWorld


South Carolina




The largest rally in Tennessee is expected to be in Sevierville.
At the rally gun owners will band together to protect their rights.
. . . David Pierce says he's an average guy who owns a few guns. He had the idea to organize the Sevierville rally because of his concerns.
"If you disarm the citizens, then the government takes over. You have tyranny and people are helpless," Pierce explained.
He says when he started planning he expected it to be a small gathering.
"Figured I'd get 50 or 60 people to come," he said.
But then the Sevier County Tea Party got involved.
"It's gone gangbusters in a very short amount of time," said Steve Osborn, with the tea party.
Attendance is now expected to be at least 500 people from all corners of East Tennessee.
~ WATE story

A great rally in Sevierville today. We absolutely must stay together and committed to our 2nd Amendment rights!!
~ East TN Day of Resistance in Sevierville

Perhaps not the largest in Tennessee after all . . .

source: facebook



We will look kinda dumb with only 13 of us so get the word out.... what ya waiting on... move your asses...
~ York, PA, Day of Resistance Facebook

York, PA:


New Hampshire

We'll be back in April, on a Monday, blasting music, waving signs with a flag on a rifle, right as they all come down the steps to leave for the day. If that doesn't send a tingle up thier spines nothing will.
And we'll invite the gov to be a speaker, just so she can stand and face us all and tell it to our face. Her and others in govt that may oppose liberty are welcome to come and give testimony to thier peers. Come face us, tell us again how we need to be dissarmed, controled, brought to our knees before you to worship the government and beg for a piece of cake from our overlords.
~ New Hampshire Day of Resistance Facebook





As someone who has participated in every conservative rally held in Washington, DC, starting with the million strong 9/12 march in 2009 and every T-Party rally since, I am astonished that there is no "Day of Resistance" to be held in either Washington or Virginia. I signed up at the very beginning and never back from anyone. I'm really shocked.......
~ Day of Resistance Organizer Facebook Page

We went there at 12 noon......There weren't any people there....just the General Assembly members leaving the Capitol. Who was in charge of this?
~ Central Virginia Day of Resistance Facebook

At 12:00 there were only 4 people there, but about 30 more were there around 12:30
~ Organizer, Central Virginia Day of Resistance Facebook

Protest in Richmond Virginia Today