Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alabama Lawmaker McClurkin "A Baby is Largest Organ of the Body"


When a physician removes a child from a woman, that is the largest organ in a body. That's a big thing. That's a big surgery. You don't have any other organs in your body that are bigger than that.
~ Alabama State Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin

So, if babies are organs and organs are babies, does that mean an appendectomy is the same thing as an abortion? Are tonsils twins? My head hurts.
~ J.D. Crowe on Alabama.com

Mary Sue go to college, read a few books and stop trying to write law. Please. They may even have picture versions of Gray's Anatomy now.
. . . We want to help, MarySue. Really. Because you are sitting down in Montgomery writing law. You are sitting down in Montgomery meddling in the physician-patient relationship. You are meddling in things about which you have no knowledge whatsoever, and that means you are a danger to society.
~ Julie on Left in Alabama Blog

They ... need to hop on the Magic School Bus for a refresher in how the human body operates!
~ Katie Baker on Jezebel

This is what happens when education is considered to be elitist while stupidity and ignorance are glorified.
~ T. Steelman on Addicting Info

My largest organ is down the road in the local church.
. . . yep, for better or Wurlitzer
~ entlord on Daily Kos

If you find yourself birthing a lung or a kidney
You may want to seek medical attention.
~ nightsweat on Daily Kos

My sister's baby organ became enlarged once. It got so big that one day it literally burst out of her. Then it went on living OUTSIDE HER BODY. That was years ago, and it's still crawling around her house. It's like something out of a David Lynch movie.
~ Mehvolutionist on Jezebel

McClurkin's assertion that the fetus is an organ contradicts the idea of fetal personhood, a favorite Republican rationale for banning abortion. Organs are not people. That makes McClurkin's comment possibly the most creative excuse for throttling abortion clinics in a while.
~ Maggie Severns on Mother Jones

A "child" is not a bodily "organ." Indeed, children have organs of their own. The largest human organ is actually the skin. According to National Geographic, adults carry about eight pounds of skin, which is slightly above the average weight of a newborn baby.
~ Amanda Terkel on Huffington Post

So now we can just call a woman who needs an abortion an "organ donor". Let the righties figure out how to argue against that. Ms. McCluck, you're a cluck.
~ Frickett on Huffington Post

From her remarks it is clear that McClurkin's brain is by far the tiniest organ ever found in any woman's body.
~ themightyabealrd on Huff Post


@SnarkAmendment (owner of this blog) had a little Twitter Tantrum today about this topic - I just can't stand the stupid sometimes:

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