Sunday, February 10, 2013

Second-Rate Veep Cheney Slams Obama Appointees as "Dismal"


The performance now of Barack Obama as he staffs up the national security team for the second term is dismal. Frankly, what he has appointed are second-rate people.
~ Dick Cheney at a Republican Conference in Wyoming


Dick Cheney Is Not Impressed
Oh, Dick Cheney. How we miss your first-rate handling of 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, the capture of Bin Laden, the torture of captive human beings, and all that first rate fear-mongering and war profiteering you brought to the office.
Stay classy.

Well, if he had a sense of shame, he wouldn't be a sociopath. And if he was a human being, he'd have a pulse.
~ NCSteve on Talking Points Memo

Dick is the absolute authority on second rate. Wonder if he's shot any friends lately?
~ fairiedust on The Hill

Translation: "I don't see any of these nominees giving no-bid contracts to Haliburton."
~ VTer on The Hill

We're still waiting on your "Perp Walk"
~ BodyHeat on Huffington Post

This guy is like Gollum in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, the creature who has lived underground in canes for so long that he can't stand sunlight anymore. After the Bush-Cheney rampage of incompetence and arrogance I am surprised this man dares show his face in public. By the way, have you and Scooter Libby revealed any more national security secrets for your political benefit lately, Dick?
~ Brehon21 on Huffington Post

Still dreaming of all that oil, this withered tin man with the black ticker still has his gnarled hand around his drumstick, beating his war call on Iran. He will go to his grave sick at the thought that Dubya didn't drop a bomb or two on Tehran before he slunk back to Texas. Thanks to him and his fellow Chickenhawks, he goes on in his hubris to lament that the Middle East is still a mess in large part due to his own disastrous foreign policy.
~ Steveningen on Daily Kos

Nobody can sneer like Dick Cheney.
On a scale of sneeritude, Chuck Hagel is like a 27, Cheney a 98.
~ boran2 on Daily Kos

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