Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Racist Homophobic Tweets by GOP Leader in South Carolina


The left has decided that Trayvon Martin was just this perfect little angel. He was a thug. He tweeted about drug use. This guy, he was a criminal, and the left has decided to make him some sort of martyr. That is what I don't understand.
. . . I stand for free speech and I stand for honest speech, and I think more people need to use it.
~ Todd Kincannon Monday during Interview with Huff Post Live

Background From Charleston Examiner.com
While this series of vulgar tweets might take some aback, Kincannon’s already well-known for offensive Twitter communication.


Racist? Check. Homophobic? Check. Classist? Check.
What party did you say this guy belonged to again?
~ Guildensternenstein on Reddit

The comment is not chiefly objectionable for its obscenity; nor its cruel reference to a kid shot dead.
Nor should we care that it flies in the face of the Republican party's declared intention to reach out to minorities.
No; what is ultimately exemplary of a foul, loathsome, cowardly, degradingly dead soul and empty mind, is the defense of the comment.
The creature is now whining: 'what; I can't insult a black drug user'?
~ CRYMTYPHON on Reddit

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