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Tea Party Attacks John McCain at Town Hall Meeting

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One man yelled that only guns would discourage illegal immigration. Another man complained that illegal immigrants should never be able to become citizens or vote. A third man said illegal immigrants were illiterate invaders who wanted free government benefits.
McCain urged compassion. "We are a Judeo-Christian nation," he said.
~ CBS News

Via Raw Story
As members of the audience became more and more angry, the Arizona senator explained that the border near Yuma was largely secure and mass deportations did not make sense.

“There are 11 million people living here illegally,” he told the crowd. “We are not going to get enough buses to deport them.”

. . . “I remember when you were in bed with [former Massachusetts Sen. Edward] Kennedy,” one man said.

“In bed with Kennedy? Thank you,” McCain laughed. “That conjures up a specter that I have to reject, sir. Thank you for the compliment.”

“Cut off their welfare and all their stuff and they’ll go back!” the man insisted as the audience applauded. “You said, ‘Build the dang fence.’ Where’s the fence?”

At that point, McCain pointed to a chart showing that millions were being spent to build fences along the southern border.

“That’s not a fence!” the man shouted.

“Oh, that’s not a fence? It’s a banana,” McCain quipped. “We’re putting up a banana with about $600 million of appropriations we have.”

Tea Party Reactions:

McCain has the "Please-Like-Me" disease that so many RINO's suffer from, the only people the don't seem to care about are the american people.
~ Perry O. on Breitbart

Let's get down to brass tacks. The fairy tale that Americans can't do THIS, and can't do THAT, and can't harvest crops or clean a toilet is just that - a fairy tale. Most Mexicans I know here in California sing a sad song about just wanting to work for us and do jobs we supposedly don't want to do, but once they have the jobs they were begging for, they resent having to clean up after white people. THEN, after having taken over the area, they feel all empowered like they own the place, and then they treat white people like dirt. I don't dislike them, but I rarely trust them and that's because they lie a lot.
~ USMC on Breitbart

Mc Cain is a carpet bagger, he has no real ties to Arizona, and regards most of the people who are obligated to vote for him, because the other choice is an even worse democrat, with utter contempt. I have lived in this state on and off since 1960, and have never seen him in person, even from a distance. I sent him one letter and got a form letter back that had nothing to do with the issue i wrote him about.
~ Dunce on Breitbart

I thank McCain for his service, that being said he is a Progressive POS that should be thrown out of office.
~ UECHI on The Blaze

People that have spent years being tortured and brainwashed shouldn’t be in Congress IMHO.
~ MONK on The Blaze

As ron paul said in the debates….If we get rid of entitlement system, most of the illegal immigration problem would be fixed.
~ soybomb315_II on The Blaze

Only Hispanics and Asians increased their vote for Obama. Coincidentally, these have been our two largest immigrant groups over the last several decades. (It’s sort of touching that Democrats couldn’t get Americans to vote for them, so they had to bring in new voters from other countries to start winning elections again. Immigrants really are doing the job Americans just won’t do.)
~ Ann Coulter on The Daily Caller


Green Valley town hall featured John McCain vs. John McCain
. . . John McCain can't run away from John McCain, though he tries. McCain's life would be easier if everyone would forget what he's said or done before and simply accept what he says today.
~ Arizona Daily Star

Arizona Town Hall Folk Murder John McCain, Tear Lifeless Body To Shreds With Their Teeth
~ Headline on Wonkette

This is finally bad news for John McCain.
~ IncenseDebate on Wonkette

"A third man said illegal immigrants were illiterate invaders who wanted free government benefits."
Actually, you just described most white people in Arizona.
~ Estproph on Wonkette

And the people turned, and saw McCain
The evil monster; On they came,
McCain and people--both were lame--
And neither side had half a brain.

When all was over, naught was left.
Both sides were dead--all was bereft.
Stupidity had risen, the good was cleft
And common sense had suffered theft.

Oh, John, Oh, John, we pity you,
You're in what is an awful stew
The hate you sowed, it really grew
And now has returned to devour you.

And I couldn't be happier, you dumb f*ck!
~ DudleyDidWrong on Wonkette

But I gave you Sarah Palin!" he screamed as the frenzy intensified.
~ SuspectedDemocrat on Wonkette

Does mccain ever get involved in anything that doesn't get heated?
~ radarelect on Huff Post

Poor old McCain: He still and actually believes an appeal to America being a "Judeo-Christian" nation is going to have an effect on the brand of GOTP "christians" who want to shoot everyone on sight!
~ JustCannot on Huff Post

John McCain did what he could to climb aboard the Tea Party Express to get re-elected, and now he's confronting his old self as he argues with the guy he was a few years ago. And John McCain has never been good at hiding his anger or his contempt for people he considers to be idiots or in his way.
. . . John McCain is the perfect expression, perfect embodiment of the kind of schizophrenia of the Republican Party of today because he is both things - he wants to be the anti-establishment, screw-the-government kinda guy, he's the war hawk . . . he's a Tea Party guy, in certain respects he is. But he's also a guy who wants to get deals done, who believes in the old establishment, who loves the Senate, who was in the Navy, who is an old Republican guy.
~ Howard Fineman on Hardball

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