Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Summer of #JadeHelm15 Begins

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I am looking forward to the Jade Helm 15 invasion of the Southwest by the U.S. Military - the lights, the sounds, the smell of Tea Party sweat, the sounds of responsible gun owners shooting themselves in the feet, the twitter meltdowns and shrieks about impending doom and total batsh*t freakouts and Obama insults. I honestly cannot wait - I need more popcorn!

It's supposed to start July 15 in some of the southwestern states.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas had a nice idea back in April 2015: he's going to call out the National Guard to keep an eye on the U.S. Military as they start their military operations in Texas .... What's that you say? The National Guard IS part of the U.S. Military? Oh pish-tosh, that means nothing in Texas when faced with an outside invasion from 'Merica.... What's that? Texas IS America? What???

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The Crazy Runs Deep on Twitter

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