Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trump's Hair and Other Viral Memes

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Donald Trump's famous hairpiece has always been a target of humor, especially since nothing could symbolize The Donald's giant ego and vanity more than his strangely shaggy toupee.

And now as he runs for the Republican nomination for President in the GOP Primary, Trump's hair has become even more famous.

In a special clip from "The Simpsons" cartoon show, Homer takes a walk through Trump's golden locks.

From AV Club
. . . a new clip, which finds Homer J. Simpson trapped in Donald Trump’s “hair,” or, as he calls it, “the ginger forest.” A criminally bald man himself, Homer’s a little jealous of Trump’s glorious(-ly horrifying) comb-over, which he says is both “as blond as a golden marmoset yet also as grey as a long-dead donkey.”

There's also a fun new hashtag called #TrumpYourCat on Instagram and Twitter:

Finally, there is TrumpWeb for Chrome a handy app that "finds any mention of Donald Trump on a website and adds an actual Donald Trump quote to his name."

Luckily, there’s a way to make reading about Donald Trump much, much better. We wrote a custom extension for Google Chrome that adds a ridiculous Donald Trump quote to every online mention of his name.

To be extra-clear: these are all real quotes that Donald Trump actually said, such as:

“Laziness is a trait in blacks.”

“We need global warming.”

“Somebody’s doing the raping”

You can install the extension at the Chrome Web store by clicking here. (Or just download the crx file if you’d prefer to install the extension manually.)

As soon as the extension is installed in your Google Chrome browser, go ahead and click refresh to see it in action. As you’ll see in the examples below, the extension turns reading about Donald Trump from a chore into a delight. (And when you feel like turning it off, you can disable it in the Chrome extensions window.)

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