Thursday, June 28, 2012

CNN & Fox Flub Headlines about SCOTUS


From New York Daily News
Like many Americans, Obama was watching CNN and FOX News Channel as they flashed graphics saying his law’s central health care mandate was found unconstitutional, ABC News reported. It wasn’t until White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler gave him two thumbs up that Obama realized that the cable news shows had got it wrong.
What became a very good day for the White House became a very bad day for the cable news channels as their early confusion became a viral joke. . . .
The mistake drew immediate comparisons to a media snafu from an earlier era: the Chicago Tribune’s famously incorrect 1948 headline, “Dewey Defeats Truman.” A Photoshopped image of Obama holding up an iPad displaying the incorrect news splashed across quickly started swirling around the Internet.


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There are a lot of tweets, posts and pieces out there about our mistake. And more will come. Stay strong. This is the organization that has exposed and righted wrongs, that has brought knowledge and freedom to people worldwide. We made a mistake, as people and organizations sometimes do, and we swiftly and clearly corrected it.
We are not the story. The story is the story.
I want to sincerely thank everyone involved in the correction process for their focused effort and for their calm and clear heads.
~ Internal CNN Memo sent out by Meredith Artley, Vice President and Managing Editor of CNN Digital, via



Pic Via Brainwrap on Daily Kos

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