Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare! Tea Party Heads Asplode!


New drinking game... every time a Republican whines DRINK!
 ~ comment by IBrakeForFDR on Huffington Post

I warned T-b/aggers about this. I told them that they were grossly underestimating Obama's political ingenuity. The Tea-b/aggers wouldn't listen to me. Today the folly of their ways have been exposed for the world to see. President Obama has outfoxed them yet again.
~ comment by americanalien on Huff Post

New Republican campaign for 2012: Whatever you've got, we'll take it away!
~ comment by Iskra on Huff Post

Hey Limbaugh: Do you still want to spike the football? ~ comment by Sloane7 on Huff Post

From Buzzfeed: CNN News Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage
The erroneous breaking news was made into a chryon at the bottom of the screen. CNN also sent out a breaking news alert. And a half dozen top on-air reporters and producers within the esteemed news organization told BuzzFeed they are furious at what they see as yet another embarrassment to a network stuck in third place in the cable news race, and torn between an identity as the leader in hard news and the success of their opinionated, personality-driven rivals, Fox News and MSNBC. “F***ing humiliating,” said one CNN veteran. “We had a chance to cover it right. And some people in here don’t get what a big deal getting it wrong is. Morons.” “Shameful,” another long-time correspondent told BuzzFeed. "It's outrageous and embarrassing,” a third CNN staffer vented. “Maybe this will shake the company into understanding that CNN has not been the 'most trusted name in news' for a very long time." A fourth CNN source noted simply “obviously, it’s embarrassing,” but defended legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, and stressed that it’s the challenge of breaking news. “It looked to all the world like the chief justice was going to strike down the law,” legal analyst Toobin later said on air, seeking to explain the CNN confusion.

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