Monday, December 7, 2015

Tra-la-la Shoot Somebody for Christmas

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I have barely blogged at all since the Paris attacks, and then we had the Planned Parenthood attack in Colorado by some guy who yelled "No more baby parts!" (thanks, Carly Fiorina). Then just the other day we had these heavily-armed American dream ISIS wannabes shooting up a hospital in California just because it was there.

So who wants to read headlines anymore anyway? I just stare speechless at my Facebook and Twitter feed, wondering whether we are at the end of modern Civilization in the United States, or if we will finally reach a tipping point that will stop the madness. On any given day, I can't decide where we are.

It's Christmastime and half of the country wants to be cozy and safe and happy. The other half wants Baby Jesus to bring guns for the whole family, and Grandma to have gun pictures with Santa, and the NRA to save them from Evil Obama who is coming to get their precious guns on Christmas Day. And they think and pray about it in church, while sending shoeboxes full of religious stuff to poor children in other countries, but if those same kids come here, they are dirty immigrants with diseases. These faux-Christians wouldn't even let Mary and Joseph into the Manger - they send them back to the desert and who the hell cares what happens to their baby? Thus endeth the Christmas Story, brought to you by Donald Trump and the NRA deacons of the Gun Church.

My hero this week is Igor Volsky, a journalist with Think Progress, who started calling out politicians who took the easy road by sending "Thoughts and Prayers" to the victims of various shootings and their families. It's just not enough at this point! This lip service without any forward-thinking policy is a crime.

NRA: Demons at our Door

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