Monday, June 25, 2012

I Love the Smell of SCOTUS in the Morning ~ With Updates


Continuing the Speculation Fest of Fear, Loathing, Anticipation, and Boredom that started last week as we wait for verdicts on Obamacare and Immigration.

UPDATE: And it's over! No Health Care Ruling until Thursday, sorry!

Today they ruled on three things:

1. Juveniles cannot be given life in prison without parole. Good all around.
2. They refused to hear an appeal from the State of Montana about corporations buying elections, therefore they upheld their previous Citizen's United decision. That's good for Mitt Romney, because as he says "corporations are people, my friends." But the decision will only get the Democratic base more fired up.
3. The biggest deal today - they threw out most of Arizona's state immigration law, except for the right to check someone's papers under "reasonable suspicion." Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be so happy about that, but it's also a win for the Obama Administration.

See future posts as all these issues play out. :)

ZOMG! Immigrants in Arizona!!! (And yes, the show was filmed in Old Tucson) And not everyone was a White Anglo Saxon. The High Chapparral was my father's favorite show. He would roll over in his grave to hear how some Arizona Republicans think about immigration.

10 AM ET

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