Sunday, June 24, 2012

Romney Right at Home Bundling with Donors in Lavish Chateau Retreat


LA Times Story:
At a private retreat this weekend, major Romney campaign donors quaffed 1927 Port they'd brought in for the occasion, mingled in the lobby of a posh resort called the Chateaux at Silver Lake and watched an aerial display of Olympic ski jumpers.

Billed as a "senior leadership retreat," the three-day gathering in Deer Valley was a reward for the wealthy GOP donors who have fueled Romney's fundraising, giving at least $25,000 each or raising at least $100,000 by June 18. Many of the more than 700 who attended had donated much more.

. . . The retreat was closed to the media, in keeping with Romney's secrecy about who is raising money for his campaign. He has declined to release the names of bundlers, those who collect funds from others on behalf of the campaign. Romney was not seen in public except when he waved at reporters from his motorcade.



Photo of Romney SuperPAC founder Charlie Spies & Romney f... on Twitpic

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