Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ryan Says 30% are "Takers, Not Makers" ~ homage to Ayn Rand


Seventy percent of Americans want the American dream. They believe in the American idea. Only 30 percent want the welfare state. Before too long, we could become a society where the net majority of Americans are takers, not makers.
~ Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan, via Huffington Post

“Public welfare is the welfare of those who do not earn it; those who do, are entitled to no welfare.”
— John Galt
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (Part 3, Chapter 7)

And what is notable about these and will effect the debate tomorrow is that Mr. Ryan makes the same case that Mitt Romney was making when he made those devastating 47 percent remarks. In Mr. Ryan’s case, he doesn’t use the phrase ’47 percent.’ He picks a slightly different figure. For him, the figure is 30 percent.
. . . This idea that a large proportion of the country are just dependent, mooching victims to whom the American dream is inapplicable, who are beyond the reach of the kind of politics the Republican ticket is offering, it turns out it is both guys on the ticket who believe that.
~ Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, quoted by Raw Story

Why is Ryan dissing the GOP base?
~ comment by BOBINMO on Huffington Post

I don't mind Paul saying that because he has a vast experience outside the government. Oh wait.......
~ comment by Enlightened22 on Huffington Post

Ryan's family's construction company was successful...on GOVERNMENT CONTACTS for rural highways...
Ryan funded his college with SOCIAL SECURITY...
after a short run in the private sector as the Oscar Mayer We_in_er Moblie Driver...
has spent the last 14 YEARS ON THE GOVERNMENT PAYROLL...
in which time he authored TWO BILLS. That's ONE BILL every 7 YEARS.
It sounds to me like he's the one living off the taxpayer and not wanting to work.
~ comment by EllisIsland on Huffington Post

47% layabouts? 30% lazy bums? Who's right about Americans? Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan?
Peas in a pod. Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have complete disdain for a large portion of Americans. They just disagree about whether nearly half are lazy, Obama-voting bums unwilling to give up their government handouts or nearly a third are.
. . . The contempt with which this pair holds tens of millions of Americans oozes from their pores and other orifices. On that score, we should consider ourselves lucky. Many plutocrats have learned how to conceal their scorn, making them far more palatable to voters who don't look past their veneer.
~ Meteor Blades on Daily Kos

Ryan actually used Makers and Takers. No dog whistles with that guy. Straight up Rand.
~ comment by greblos on Daily Kos

Nobody told Ryan that Atlas Shrugged was a work of fiction. Bad fiction at that.
~ comment by Happy Camper on Daily Kos


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  1. My brother doesn't believe any more in the American dream. Yes, he is one of Ryan's horrible 30% who are "takers, not makers."

    My 52 year-old brother --- who was born deaf and has advanced MS with paralyzed legs and some MS-related dementia --- lives in a Medicaid nursing home and receives a total of $25 per month spending money (his only income) which is all that remains after his SSI pays the nursing home. With that income, he is expected to buy any clothing, shoes, toiletries or anything else he needs.

    He votes by absentee ballot, but hopes his state does not pass a voter ID as without access to a wheelchair van he'd have no way to get to the DMV and even if he could get there, would need to save his entire month's income to pay for the $25 ID fee.

    My brother does not believe he'll ever be able to get a good job, buy a house, provide for his family, have a nice car, have any luxuries like a vacation or pay taxes. He used to be proud to have a job, make his own way, and contribute to the country.

    Is he very very sad that he's a taker and not a maker? More than you'll ever know.

    1. Thank you for the great comment ~ all the best to your brother and to everyone like him around the country.

      Romney/Ryan are losing people with these cold sweeping generalizations, and they apparently never counted on people voting with their hearts rather than just their wallets.

      Everyone in our country has had a family member in the same boat - a child, a grandchild, a sibling, a parent, etc. We have relatives on SSI Disability or Medicare who are growing old or have mental challenges. Most would need lots of help with Ryan's voucher program - it would be like throwing them to the wolves.

      My father was a disabled WWII Vet with multiple sclerosis - I wrote about him back on Veteran's Day. His income and medical care came from the VA, yes, but he earned it by serving his country and suffering for 50 years. We kids got Social Security benefits - a mere pittance that bought my books in college, but my tuition was paid for with an academic scholarship that I EARNED and had to keep through good grades.

      My daughter just graduated from Law School with honors and with crushing debt she will carry for many years. She is only 25 and doesn't even have her Bar results yet, but she feels as if Romney/Ryan are dissing students in spite of their hard work. No one earned her place at Law School except her, and no one cut her any slack just because she had a student loan. She didn't have the luxury of "asking Mom and Dad" for money, as Romney suggested. All professional schools are tied to the student loan program, and Romney/Ryan can pretend that no Republicans ever take out student loans, but that is a big lie.

      I could write much more, but might as well save it for a future blog post. Thanks again for your insightful comment.