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David Gregory Draws Fire for Bay State Debate


David Gregory Dances Gangnam Style on NBC's Today
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Change.Org Petition to Fire David Gregory from Meet the Press

I was frankly disappointed in David Gregory's choice of topics. To spend so many minutes on this non-issue of the Cherokee ancestry and about a minute and a half on Afghanistan is about as bad a set of priorities as I've seen. . . . I don't think Mr. Gregory handled it well.
~ Senator Barney Frank on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show

The David Gregory Debate

After a full seven minutes or so of Cherokee chit-chat, Gregory apparently thought he needed to take us to an even less relevant topic, so he asked Brown about his mildly embarrassing assertion from last June that he’s met with “kings and queens” as a Senator. After that, Gregory tried to draw some more blood by asking Warren if she’s bothered that Brown paints her as an elitist by calling her “professor.” (She said it didn’t bother her.) It was about a third of the way through the debate when they turned to Warren’s record of defending/opposing asbestos victims.
~ Eric Randall on Boston Daily

Moderator David Gregory declared loser of Brown/Warren debate

Is there no end to the #NBCFail? David Gregory is being panned from both sides for his “Meet the Press”-style moderation at tonight’s debate between Mass. Sen. Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren. In fact, even the word “debate” is up for debate, as Gregory sat down with the two candidates for what he hoped would be a “healthy, cordial exchange.”
Gregory kicked off the night with a question about Warren’s supposed Native American heritage — the same topic which began the previous #MASEN debate — and asked if Brown’s use of “professor” in referring to Warren was meant as disparaging.
Gregory’s performance was so off-putting that even Warren supporters swore that the NBC hack was batting for the Republican.
~ Twitchy.com

The debate was moderated by David Gregory of Meet The Press who quickly revealed that he wasn’t interested in substance.
The first question went to Elizabeth Warren, and she was asked if she considers herself a minority. Warren delivered much of the same answer that she gave in the first debate that she is a person who has a Native American background.
. . . Nearly ten minutes passed, and Sen. Brown was still spinning his wheels on the heritage issue.
. . . Unlike their first debate, Brown and Warren were dragged down by David Gregory’s obsession with controversy
~ Jason Easley on PoliticusUSA

Gregory made such a terrible dog's breakfast of the his job that his performance can best be summed up by a question he asked late in the proceedings. "We've only got a few minutes left, so I'd like to touch on some other issues. The war in Afghanistan..."
. . . the performance of the moderator on Monday night finally put brought some clarity to my opinion of him: David Gregory is the last of the replacement referees.
~ Charles P. Pierce on Esquire

David Gregory Beclowns Himself With Awful Performance Moderating Elizabeth Warren-Scott Brown Debate
The NBC “Meet the Press” host used the badgering style of that show on both candidates, inserting himself heatedly into a hectic discussion that seemed to center on media talking points and playing “gotcha” rather than substantive issues. Viewers were neither amused nor informed.
. . . As he lobbed patronizing, irrelevant questions at both candidates, Twitter erupted into fury on both sides of the political aisle.
~ Lynn Parramore on AlterNet

Gregory is always worried how is hair looks on TV.
~ comment by jmmjr49er on Washington Post

David Gregory should be Banned from any further debates until he becomes a journalist.
~ comment by C.R.Eature on Wonkette

Brown is just awful. Strangely, Gregory manages to be worse.
~ comment by Doktor Zoom on Wonkette

David Gregory has been out of sorts ever since GEICO stopped using him in that caveman campaign.
~ comment by Self-Uploader on Wonkette

I see Gregory more as the Tom Grunick (William Hurt) character from Broadcast News. He's not really capable of grasping nuance or complex strategic considerations, and he's thoroughly consumed by his popular success. His natural tendency is conservative, which makes him feel more comfortable around Republicans, and he's too simple to understand the need to obscure that for the sake of at least a semblance of journalistic integrity.
~ comment by Imnop on Daily Kos

Gregory Makes Tim Russert look like Edward R Murrow.
~ comment by Notthemayor on Daily Kos


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