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Hellbagger Jennifer Stefano Has Exorcist Moment on Chris Hayes - Updated with Transcript

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MSNBC host Chris Hayes started his show last night with a segment called "The Unending War on Obamacare" about the Republican outrage that President Obama extended the deadline for Obamacare sign-ups. To give the Tea Party view he welcomed Jennifer Stefano of the group Americans for Prosperity. After making a lighthearted joke about how Jennifer gets out of bed in the morning thinking of ways to stop Obamacare, she responded huffily that no, she only thought of her children, thank you, her CHILDREN, like all good Tea Party women everywhere who want to be barefoot and pregnant all the time yet have no way to pay for it, thank you very much.

Then she went on with her talking points that the best to help other MOTHERS with CHILDREN is to keep them from ever, EVER getting health insurance:

Transcript, All In With Chris Hayes, March 26, 2014

CHRIS HAYES: Joining me now, Jennifer Stefano. She`s regional director for American for Prosperity. She`s one of those people who I really think genuinely wakes up every day and thinks about how to destroy Obamacare.

And, Jennifer, the first question is: why should anyone care about this extension of the deadline? Who cares? So people are going to have a few more weeks to sign up.

JENNIFER STEFANO, AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY: Actually, Chris, the thing I wake up about and think about every morning is my children, and I think people should care about the deadline for the same reason that I wake up and millions of women -- actually 85 million women across the country wake up and think about their children as well. That`s how many mothers we have, because we really are having our choices removed from us as mothers, and the health care that we can provide our children.

. . . STEFANO: They don`t want this law. That`s why you have to push back the deadline. You can`t get people to pay for it. You can`t get people to sign up for it.

HAYES: Jennifer, what are you talking about? Do we have the chart?

STEFANO: You wouldn`t care.

HAYES: Do you realize that millions of people have signed up for this, right?

STEFANO: No, no, no, let me make one thing clear --

HAYES: No, no, millions of people have signed up for it.

STEFANO: How many people, Chris, of what percentage of those people don`t have insurance? Only 14 percent.

HAYES: Right, but --

STEFANO: This is not helping the uninsured. Why will they not sign up for it?

HAYES: Wait a second.

. . . HAYES: Here is what you`re doing.

STEFANO: Giving you facts?

HAYES: No, what you are doing is you are working backwards from opposition law. Jennifer Stefano, Americans for Prosperity, was not doing anything to get people health insurance, was not concerned about the plight of people on Medicaid, was not sponsoring bills before Congress, was not trying to get people health care.

What happens now is that any part of the bill, any part of the law that can be picked apart to try to destroy it, suddenly, the great saviors of the working poor are people on Medicaid, are people opposed to the law.
But the fact of the matter is, that is not the animating thing that is making people get up in the morning and go to war against Obamacare.

It`s not like you care about people on Medicaid or that`s the thing that got you into politics. I don`t understand, why not just be honest about it? This is honesty.

STEFANO: Can I answer?

HAYES: Why not just be honest about it?

STEFANO: You know nothing about me, you have no idea what I think in the morning --

HAYES: We have talked before.

STEFANO: Excuse me, you don`t know what I wake up and fight for and believe in. You know nothing about me or my family. You don`t know if I was born --

HAYES: You were working on Medicaid.

STEFANO: You don`t know if I was born and raised in a trailer park -- how dare you, like, Harry Reid, try to undercut the voice of a woman simply because she disagrees with you? Now, you may not like where I`m coming from on public policy, but you have no right to undercut my voice. As a woman, I have worked very hard --

HAYES: I put you on my TV show, I`m not undercutting your voice.

STEFANO: You`re undercutting my voice, because you`re making it personal. Saying I wake up to do this, and this is what I was not -- you have no idea about me or my life.

HAYES: What do you want to see? How are you going to get people --

STEFANO: Here`s what I want, stick to the facts.

HAYES: How do we get people health insurance.

STEFANO: Stick to the facts, talk about facts, logic and -- how dare you personally attack me and what I believe?


HAYES: All right. I`m not personally attacking you, Jennifer.

STEFANO: Typically, because you can`t win, brother.

HAYES: Jennifer, thank you. Thank you. Appreciate it.

STEFANO: Thanks, Chris. It`s sad. You`re a good guy otherwise.

HAYES: Jennifer Stefano of Americans for Prosperity, thank you.


Usually stuff like this would just be irritating, but suddenly Jennifer Stefano got louder and louder while the camera zoomed in, and it became almost the scary scene from the Exorcist when the girl's head spins completely around.

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Stefano seemed to grow in size and her mouth opened wider and wider, something like the anime character Totoro, only he is cute and fuzzy.

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This was like bullying pepperpot Lucy from Peanuts screaming at her little dude-bro Linus and making him roll away with his security blanket. Some have criticized Hayes for not shouting back, ala Chris Matthews on Hardball, or for not pulling the plug on her mic sooner. But I enjoyed the fact that he let her dig her own hole, and I loved his pronouncement that "There you have it - that's the anti-Obamacare argument from the other side."

Whatever analogy you use, from frothing at the mouth with rabies, to shrieking like a proverbial Banshee, this woman had some anger issues. If she screams like this at those KIDS, I feel sorry for them!


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