Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snowden Evolves into Max Headroom for TED Talk

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Forget about the Russian invasion of Crimea in Ukraine - Edward Snowden needs to talk about the security of the United States as a remote robot! No really - irony is lost on this guy. We are in danger from the NSA, but meanwhile his friend Putin is invading other countries, not to mention spying on everybody. But nevermind that - Snowden is a hero!

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Whistleblower Edward Snowden has appeared as a surprise guest at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver.
Speaking via a robotic screen from an undisclosed location in Russia, the fugitive promised that there are more revelations to come.
He urged tech firms to protect users by encrypting all web pages.
Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee joined him on stage, describing him as a "hero".
~ The BBC

At the end of Snowden’s appearance, Anderson stuck a TED conference badge on Snownden’s bot and invited him to stick around for the week. With that, he rolled offstage, accompanied by his lawyer
~ Wired

Complete TED Transcript Here
Chris Anderson: You’ve been called many things in the last few months: whistleblower, traitor, hero… What words would you use to describe yourself?

Edward Snowden: You know, everybody who’s involved with this debate has been struggling over me, my personality and how to describe me. This isn’t the question we should be struggling with. Who I am really doesn’t matter at all. If I’m the worst person in the world, hate me and move on. What really matters here are the issues of the government we want, the Internet we want, the relationship between people and societies. That’s what I hope the debate will move towards. If i had to describe myself, I’m not a hero, patriot, traitor. I’d say I’m an American and a citizen. [Applause.]


So surreal you could fry an egg on it.
~ Dave F. on YouTube

The nay Sayers of this video don't have a clue the planets round. Go back to your trailor park and be the all American you can be by being on welfare and taking pills and become controlled like a puppet 
~ Zachary V. YouTube

Just wait until you see Edward Snowden become the US president in few years LOL
This guy is making history, similar to Nelson Mandela!
~ DJ Lando on YouTube

Anyone noticing the irony that Snowden is only able to make his case for liberty and democracy because it happens to be a good way for Putin to poke the US in the eye?
~ Kevin T. on YouTube

Snowden might as well be working for RT (Russia Today)
Snowden said "What really matters here is the kind of government we want; the kind of internet we want."
The kind of place where child porn purveyors can trade their wares without worrying about prosecution.
Russia is playing him like a fool, stroking his ego to keep the goods coming.
~ SaucyMugWump on ZDNet

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