Friday, March 21, 2014

GOP Reaching Out With Fake Hipster-Doofus

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The GOP has decided to their "outreach" needs to aim at Millenials in the 20-30-something age group, and in their infinite wisdom decided the defining trait of that generation is their ability to whine about every little thing. No really. Let's make a video about whiny self-absorbed and especially MONEY-absorbed hipster dude-bros and win people back into the Republican fold, because "we need the young." Epic Fail.

From Gawker:
Enter Scott Greenberg, a 30-year-old ad guy with a cool shirt, the sort of shirt Adam might wear on Girls. Scott is a hipster. Scott is young. Scott is concerned about paying for things. That's why Scott is a Republican, the face of a new GOP-sponsored ad campaign...
. . . likely, an old donor wants to see some youth outreach, and the RNC finds Scott, a young Beltway acolyte to provide them with a simulacrum of youth culture for a couple of shekels. We have the horn-rimmed glasses! The pomaded hair! A brick tenement across a city street! Talk of money problems and friends!

Parody from

Parody from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

No matter what your political persuasion, we think you'll agree that the ad is easily mockable. The man, Scott Greenberg, is dressed to the nines in hipster gear, oversize glasses, and a stubble beard. He also comes prepared with indignation and an inability to read cue cards with any amount of subtlety.
~ Yahoo News

Hipster republicans. You couldn't make someone easier for New Yorkers to hate unless you spliced DNA from Leona Helmsley and Carrot Top.
~ Nalano635 on Gothamist

Ok cupid date from hell
~ Ihuffglue91 on Gothamist

He looks like Waldo.
~ sunshine999 on Gothamist

I fuel my hybrid Tesla on kitten tears & racist poems. Take that, Obama!!! #TrumpPalin2016
~ UnfamousChris on YouTube

The Republicans tossed a hanging curveball to the satirists.
~ Garth H. on YouTube

DC has excellent public transport and bike lanes. There's even a bikeshare program all over the city.
~ Process613 on YouTube

This is like an SNL skit poking fun of an RNC ad targeting millenials.
~ IDontWantAChannel on YouTube 

The GOP doesn't realize most millennials, myself included, want to smack the smug off every hipster we see.
~ Edward M. on YouTube

I congratulate you, GOP, on this embarrasingly bad attempt to ingratiate yourself to hipsters. Or is this supposed to be "ironically awful?"
~ Patrick D. on YouTube

C'mon, at least try to make it less obvious that he isn't reading from a teleprompter right off-screen.
~ Blarghalt on YouTube

I can see the teleprompter shining in his glasses.
~ Noah T. on YouTube

I just realized that this is Mitt Romney's illegitimate son.
~ PacificCoast82 on YouTube

If you're spending soooo much of your paycheck on gas, maybe you should make a few sacrifices and take the bus. You seem to live in a busy city. What do you need a car for?
~ Draco Lupus on YouTube

The solution to the oil crisis is in that guy's hair.
~ Draco Lupus on YouTube

Hahaha! GOP thinks they can win over hipsters with a fake hipster! No wonder they most of that "party" hasn't seen the ball since kickoff.....
~ NeutronStar73 on National Journal

Don't hold your breath for an ad in which Scott helps his hipster cohort navigate the GOP position on marriage equality.
~ pdavidcATL on National Journal

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