Monday, October 8, 2012

Not the Brightest Light: Author Buzz Bissinger Backs Mitt Romney with Baffling Homage


Endorsement of Mitt Romney by Buzz Bissinger, sports columnist for The Daily Beast and the author of Friday Night Lights
. . . I have never seen a performance worse than Obama’s, distracted, his head dipped into the podium as if avoiding the smell of something rotten, acting above the very idea that a debate does provide a pivotal referendum on his first term as it has for all incumbent presidents, whipsawed by the legion of usual advisers telling him to play defense when his own intuition should have told him that he needed to go on the offensive as Romney slapped him around.

But there was more than the entitlement of entitlement. He struck me as burnt out, tired of selling his message although he has always been terrible at selling his message when it veers from idealism into the practical.

By instinct I still cling to my Democrat roots. But I admit that as I get older, on the cusp of 58, I am moving more to the center or even tweaking right, or at least not tied to any ideology. Those making more than $250,000 should pay more taxes, and that does include me. But I also am tired of Obama’s constant demonization, of those he spits out as “millionaires and billionaires,” as pariahs. . . .


. . . At the debate, Romney did not simply act like he wanted to be president. He wants to be president. He showed vigor, and enthusiasm, and excitement, a man who wants to lead. It may all be ephemeral, because most of politics is ephemeral, a cynical means to the end of getting elected. But he also revealed compassion that, during the entirety of this absurdly long march, had never been in evidence before. He recognized the needs of the poor. He recognized the need for regulation.

His tax plan was admittedly mystery meat. But the tag he has lied is unfair. To the contrary, he has recognized that his original proposal is more screwed up than the infield fly rule, not to mention mathematically impossible. So he is modifying it, coming up with a possible alternative in recent weeks that deductions should be capped at $17,000. . . .

. . . I believe that Romney’s move to the center is not yet another flip-flop sleight of hand, perhaps naively. I believe he will send to the political Guantanamo those dirty old white men of the party ready to bomb Iran (speaking of wars, are we out of Afghanistan yet, despite our so-called allies killing our soldiers? See Obama policy).

Four years ago, all Obama had to do was speak and everyone swooned. That was four years ago. It is now four years later. He is no longer the chosen one. He is just too cool for school in a country desperate for the infectiousness of rejuvenation.

Romney has it.
Our president no longer does.


If your mind can be changed by 90 minutes of pure BS, then you don't have much of a mind.
~ comment by HipFan on Daily Beast

Let me summarize Mr. Bissinger's story: I'm wealthy, don't feel like paying more taxes and feel superior enough that I want to s$#t all over the working class
~ comment by jostasauce on Daily Beast

Nothing like voting for an abject liar who makes like a chameleon to ensure he fools people like this columnist. The reasons offered for this turncoat's choice are as superficial and flimsy as one would expect considering their object. Way to go, Buzz. Good luck with the Iran war that Mitt is agitating for...
~ comment by susangalea on Daily Beast

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