Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney Blimp Goes Limp Over Florida


pic via Atlantic Wire

From the Miami Herald
The airship began its journey in Boca Raton, Engle said, moving south toward North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines.

As it traveled, adorned with a picture of the candidate’s smiling face and the slogan “America Needs Romney,” social media posts announcing its sightings followed, often including snarky comments that fit right in with the deep blue county’s voting history.

And then came the emergency landing. About 7:15 p.m., the airship was over Davie, trying to head southeast toward the Pembroke Pines airport.

But even though the airship was pointed east and at full throttle, the winds pushed it west.

“He [the pilot] just knew he wasn’t going to make it,” Engle said.
. . . Hours later, the 160-foot airship was deflated, flat and sprawled along the grass.

Via the Sun Sentinal

He came down tail first and then the gondola struck and then rolled to its side and deflated. It may not be breezy here on the ground, but when you get [to] 1000 feet, which this thing does operate at, I think the current is a lot different.
~ Davie Police Captain Dale Engle to Sky 10 News via The Hill

Good thing he could open the windows!
~ comment by Mikeeg555 on The Hill

Who would have thought waking up this morning, that the headline, "GIANT REPUBLICAN GAS BAG DEFLATES AND CRASHES IN FLORIDA" would apply to more than one story?
~ comment by Nostuff on The Hill

What's the definition of metaphor, Alex?
~ comment by shthar on Atlanticwire

The banner on it should say "America Needs Romney Like the Hindenburg Needed Lightning"
~ comment by Faye B. on Atlanticwire

Apparently the blimp is just like Romney, Flip-flopping trying to stay afloat.
~ comment by DougEFresh12345 on Atlanticwire


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