Monday, October 15, 2012

"Atlas Scrubbed" - Paul Ryan Fakes Charity at Ohio Soup Kitchen


From CBS News
Brian J. Antag, president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society in Youngstown, told the Washington Post that the Romney campaign had not asked to make the Saturday visit to the soup kitchen. He said that he runs an apolitical faith-based organization which has bylaws barring it from hosting political candidates, and that the visit jeopardized donations from private individuals.

"They showed up there and they did not have permission," he said. "They got one of the volunteers to open up the doors." Antag added that Ryan and his family "did nothing" while on the premises.

"He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall," he said.

Our campaign and Congressman Ryan were pleased to bring attention to the meaningful charitable contributions the St. Vincent De Paul Society makes to people in need.
~ Chris Maloney, director of communications in Ohio for the Romney Campaign (rhymes with baloney)

Sin....Sin.... big old ugly SIN = Using the POOR as a campaign prop
~ comment by The Fighting Irish on Washington Post

This is the future for our seniors under Ryan, BTW..line up for charity because your government guarantees, the ones you paid into all those years, will disappear and that Medicare voucher will just about cover pre-lim's.
~ comment by hrayovac2 on Washington Post

Atlas Scrubbed.
~ comment by Travis Pitts on Washington Post

All I really need to know about Paul Ryan I Learned From This Soup Kitchen Photo Op
~ avengerco on Tumblr

It would have been more appropriate for him to dress like P90X Paul Ryan.
~ comment by Evilito on New York Mag

You didn't scrub that!
~ comment by Cags on New York Mag

Dude! Rage Against the Tureen!
~ comment by FiscalClifford on New York Mag

Note the spotless apron, and the, I'm guessing, water-proof watch.
~ comment by liberalagogo on Daily Kos

Out! Out damn'd spot!
~ comment by Anne Elk on Daily Kos

Actually, it had nothing to do with staging a "reg'lar" guy photo of Rep. Ryan donning an apron and washing dishes.
He was merely trying to find a water source.
I mean, come on. After Thursday night's performance, we know how important hydration is to Ryan.
The apron was a ruse. Workout boy needed to rehydrate.
Minutes after this photo was taken, he was seen tearing off the top of a fire hydrant right outside the building.
~ comment by Bender Rodriguez on Daily Kos

Paul Ryan wants to be Pontius Pilate and wash his hands of the poor.
~ comment by LakeSuperior on Daily Kos

We think soup kitchen patrons are lazy moochers but we care deeply about them all the same.
~ comment by PianoMan on Daily Kos

So, you know, still lying.
~ Wonkette

Those children look like they have never seen a pot or pan in their lives.
~ comment by MissTaken on Wonkette

He's acting out Grover Norquist's old fantasy of dragging government to the bathtub (or in this case, an industrial sink) and drowning it. With the help of his kids
~ comment by LastGasp on Wonkette

Ayn cringed while Atlas mugged.
~ comment by Barto on Wonkette

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