Friday, September 26, 2014

Palin Gets White House Address All Wrong

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This is a real screencap, not photoshopped.

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Sarah P. is at the Values Voter Summit, the annual wingnut parade of ultra-conservative fools, and she made another gaffe, of course. Because that's what she does. This time she managed to get the address of the White House wrong while making a point.

From Right Wing Watch
After explaining that people who believe racism exists in America today are the real racists, Palin said that it is high time for someone to speak the truth in politics…and that someone is her.
Palin lamented that “truth is an endangered species” at the famous address of “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

No, the White House sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I wonder who gave Sarah that misinformation to toss into her word salad? Most likely her husband Todd, who helps with all her inexplicable speeches. Could this be the start of the next Palin Brawl? Make some popcorn and stay tuned!

Sam Seder analyzes the Speech and "Tepid" Applause

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