Friday, September 26, 2014

Steaming Poutrage over President's Coffee Cup Salute

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Here we are again. The wingnuts are outraged that President Obama saluted his guards with a paper coffee cup in his hand, as if that makes him less of a President, blah blah. They will still be fired up about this three years after he leaves office because they just have to pick at everything he does.

The latest round of outrage aimed at President Obama was caused by his morning caffeine fix.
When the president exited Marine One in New York City Tuesday en route to the United Nations, he had a coffee cup in his right hand as he lifted it to salute the two Marines who greeted him there.
This gesture, according to all those who took to Twitter using the hashtag, #LatteSalute was just downright disrespectful.
"Embarrassed by president's salute! So arrogant! #LatteSalute" wrote one user, @EmilyDickerson, on Twitter. "As an Iraq vet, seeing OB's #LatteSalutemakes me sick! He repeatedly show disrespect to my fellow service members," wrote @GeoKat.
Some commenters took a different tack, suggesting the president was being hypocritical for using a non-disposable cup on his way to address the issue of climate change at the United Nations.

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