Friday, September 5, 2014

Kansas GOP Won't Let Democrat Drop Out of Race

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First Democrat Chad Taylor dropped out of the Kansas Senate Race so that Independent candidate Greg Orman will have a better chance to win. This was heralded as great news by the Democratic Party both locally and nationally, because if he wins, Orman will likely caucus with the Democrats. And let's face it: anyone calling themselves an "Independent" in Kansas might have a better chance to win than either a Democrat or a Republican.

In a stunning development, candidate Chad Taylor asked Wednesday that his name be removed from the ballot, paving the way for independent candidate Greg Orman to face U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts head-on in November.
“After much consideration and prolonged discussion with my supporters, my staff, and party leadership at every level, I have decided to end my campaign for the United States Senate,” Taylor said in an exclusive statement to The Eagle.

Chad Taylor supposedly asked the Kansas Attorney General's Office exactly what to do in order to legally withdraw from the Senate race. But once he withdrew, the GOP began to throw stumbling blocks that might thwart the plan out of fear that they will lose the Senate seat. And in order to help their own candidate, the NRSC announced that they were sending in a national advisor to help Senator Pat Roberts shore up a victory.

New York Times
. . . on Thursday, the Kansas secretary of state, Kris Kobach, a Republican, ruled that the Democratic nominee, Chad Taylor, could not withdraw his name from the ballot. Democratic officials said Mr. Taylor would file a legal challenge to the ruling.
The National Republican Senatorial Committee is sending Chris LaCivita, who has served as a political troubleshooter in past Republican campaigns, to counsel Mr. Roberts and help oversee his campaign. The committee will also seek to hire a local lawyer in any legal challenge against Mr. Taylor, who had tried to drop off the ballot on the last day candidates were allowed to do so.

This is nowhere near over, however. Taylor is vowing to fight Att. General Kobach to get his name off the ballot. Note: Chris Kobach is a well-known Tea Party Wingnut, completely partisan, and part of the committee to re-elect Pat Roberts.

Talking Points Memo
"I am planning to challenge the ruling of the Kansas Secretary of State," Taylor said in a statement emailed to reporters. He invoked Kobach's membership on incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts' honorary campaign committee and reiterated that he had consulted with a member of Kobach's office before filing his paperwork while announcing the challenge.
It was not immediately clear whether Taylor would file his challenge with a court or the Kansas Objections Board, which covers election issues. But Kobach said earlier Thursday that the board, which is under his authority, would not handle any appeal.

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