Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bernie-Brats Need to Stop Dissing the South! - Update with Paul Krugman

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Win or Lose, the Bernie camp and rabid followers cannot let go of the fact that Hillary is ahead right now due to winning many of the Southern states on Super Tuesday. It really sticks in their craw that the great Southern base of the Democratic Party has a voice in this election. Bernie fans would rather pretend that a handful of delegates from Idaho, Utah, Washington State are more important the millions of votes already cast in the Southeast and Texas.

Bernie said most recently that the early Southern primaries "distort reality."

UPDATE One: Paul Krugman wrote a great column called "The Pastrami Principle" about why it is rather stupid to insult voters, but also that Bernie is deliberately spinning the "rigged" Southern primaries to give hope where there is no hope, to make his supporters believe he can still win in spite of the delegate math:

Paul Krugman, New York Times
. . . Mrs. Clinton didn’t win big in the South on the strength of conservative voters; she won by getting an overwhelming majority of black voters. This puts a different spin on things, doesn’t it?
Is it possible that Mr. Sanders doesn’t know this, that he imagines that Mrs. Clinton is riding a wave of support from old-fashioned Confederate-flag-waving Dixiecrats, as opposed to, let’s be blunt, the descendants of slaves? Maybe. He is not, as you may have noticed, a details guy.
It’s more likely, however, that he’s being deliberately misleading...
. . . No, claims that Clinton wins in the South should be discounted are really aimed at misleading Sanders supporters, giving them an unrealistic view of the chances that their favorite can still win — and thereby keeping the flow of money and volunteers coming.
. . . But trying to keep his campaign going by misleading his supporters is not O.K. And sneering at millions of voters is truly beyond the pale, especially for a progressive.

UPDATE Two: Bernie blamed Southern voters AGAIN last night during the CNN debate and twitter pushed back:

Apparently the candidate agrees with many of the stupid theories and myths about the South which are rampant in Bernie-land:

  • The DNC "front-loaded" the primaries with Southern states to favor Hillary.
  • The white "base" in the South reject Bernie because they are old fashioned "conservative Dems" no better than Dixiecrat racists.
  • The black voters of the South are especially singled out for blame in ruining Bernie's chances, which many people of color view as a racist dog whistle.
  • Southern Dems don't matter anyway since they live in red states like South Carolina that won't go for the Democrats in the general election, so why should they get such a large proportion of delegates? 
The Bernie-brats seem incapable of understanding the delegate system on a good day, or the way the Democratic Party works.
  • Southern Dems are just as progressive as Dems anywhere. Think of Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, John Lewis, etc.
  • Dems in red states are outnumbered by Republicans, so their votes are usually cancelled out in the general election. Therefore it is imperative that their voices be heard during Primary Season, and they turned out by the hundreds of thousands. 
  •  Bernie got votes in the South, but Hillary simply got more, and therefore earned more delegates. His surrogates claim now that he never tried to win in the South, but that is smoke and mirrors, with a good bit of sour grapes too.
  •  If Bernie had invested more time and money in southern states, he might have done better, but he won't take responsibility for his own losses, and would rather blame voters.
  • Any student of recent election history can clearly see that the South is the future of the Democratic Party. Demographics are destiny, and states such as Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and even Texas will not always be red - it's just a matter of time.

Here is just a small sampling of anti-Southern comments by Bernie and his minions:

But the Misinformation Train keeps rolling along!

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