Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bernie the Sore Loser

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The night of the New York Primary, Bernie Sanders was at Penn State giving a speech. When the event ended and he found out he had been trounced by Hillary Clinton, his reaction spoke volumes. He didn't go back to a microphone and give a concession speech. He didn't ask his entourage of reporters to send out a message of good will to other Democrats. Instead, he left his press corps stranded in a Pennsylvania airport at 10 pm at night and flew back home to Vermont where he only spoke to local reporters, still not giving a message of any sort that would prove him to be a gracious loser.

Nope. He's just a loser. A sore loser.

And then the conspiracy theories began, but they've been there all along. The election was "rigged" by Hillary and the "establishment." The election was stolen. Something was wrong. How could Bernie have huge crowds at his speeches, but so few votes? Don't crowds of unregistered voters always equal votes? And isn't it unfair that Independents needed to register, like, last October or something? Rigged! Disenfranchised! Voter Suppression!!!

As if that wasn't bad enough, Bernie's manager, Jeff Weaver, immediately went on MSNBC and made an arse of himself trying to explain some vague way for Bernie to win in spite of logic and math. It was quite a spectacle.

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