Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wins New York Landslide

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For weeks the Bernie Sanders crowd insisted that he was going to "win big" in New York City. After all, he was a hometown boy from Brooklyn, and a few years, or even 40 years, living in Vermont means nothing when you have the Big Apple in your heart.

And indeed, Sanders seemed to have "intensity" and "momentum" right up until the polls closed on Primary Election Day and it all fell apart. Because Hillary not only won the hearts and minds of Democrats in the Big Apple - she got a landslide of support, higher than projected, both in turnout and delegates won.

Bernie didn't even win the precinct where he grew up. He didn't win any ethnic groups, not even the Jewish voters. Yes, he won in white rural counties with few voters and few delegates outside the cities. It just wasn't enough.

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