Monday, July 10, 2017

Trump Shames the U.S. at G-20 Meeting

 photo Trump - Merkel.jpg

pic via @LibyaLiberty

The illegitimate President of the United States went to Europe for the G20 Summit Meeting, but his real goal seems to have been to hook-up with his bromance partner, Vladimir Putin. Trump showed his true colors and may have committed treason - again - by accepting Putin's lame denial about hacking the 2016 election, which contradicts America's own Intelligence community as well as information from out allies.

But when has Trump ever understood who our friends are and who our enemies are? He only wants to take care of number one - himself - and he owes money and the Presidency to Russia and Putin. If people didn't understand the meaning of "Kompromat" before the G20, surely they can understand it now.

And on top of all that, he took Ivanka with him and she sat in his place during some of the meetings. Ivanka has never been elected to public office, nor does she have any government experience. Dictators do things like this, not American Presidents. We don't live in a monarchy, but Trump still believes he is King and Ivanka is Daddy's Princess.


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